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28 Dec 2015

Cool Information I found!

Paper Money-U.S. | user_6683

Today in 1856: Woodrow Wilson, 28th president, is born.

This $100,000 note was the highest denomination ever issued by the United States and it includes a portrait of President Wilson.

During the early 1930s, the world's economies experienced a depression. In 1934, the U.S. continued its movement toward removing its currency from the gold standard. The Gold Certificate Series of 1934 poses a slight puzzle since the United States was off the gold standard by 1934. The $100,000 note shown here was not intended for general circulation but was used as an accounting device between branches of the Federal Reserve.

More on this artifact:http://s.si.edu/1YxbVkh
More historic coins and bills:http://s.si.edu/1OhXZ7V



Level 5

That you so much for the info! I wish more people were aware of these higher denomination bills. Cheers!


Level 7

Come back we do want to learn more. I hope you get this. Mike.


Level 6

That piece of currency is a thing of beauty & a joy forever.


Level 6

That's really cool! Thanks for an interesting blog and photo! : )

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

also this bill is illegal for an individual to own and is only allowed to be in the hands of corporations, like banks, or the government


Level 5

Serial Number 00000001! How much would such a bill demand?


Level 5

Nice post! I get a lot of inquiries here at ANA HQ, mostly from people outside the USA who email pictures of some horrible fakes, and there's always some story to go along with it, to try to convince me they have the real deal. When I tell them that only 42,000 were made and ALL of them were redeemed/accounted for, they doubt me, but I can't blame them - their greed supersedes any rational thought capabilities. Then when I tell them they would be illegal to own, and that the Secret Service would likely want to talk about it with them if it's real, they mysteriously stop asking me about their (fake!) piece of paper. I'll usually tell them not to worry at all... ...because they ain't got what they think they got!


Level 7

Thanks for the history lesson. I did not know they made currency so large. The picture is great the history better. Good blog thanks mike


Level 5

I have personally seen 12 of these ($ 1,200,000) at one time at the 2014 Nat'l Coin Show in Atlanta. I might write a blog on the trip with some of my photos!


Level 5

Only the government is allowed to break its own rules :) A nice piece of numismatic history!!!


Level 5

I love this denomination.

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