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22 Dec 2015

Niue coins

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New set of beautiful coins to honor our nations monuments. Check out my collection picks for details. I recommend to get one as only 5000 were made. But an honest question I must ask to you all. Is it not a least bit ironic that the queen is on the placed with them or vice a verse. These presidents were never fans of royals and the British never wanted to really get in the Vietnam War. Yet with Niue that might see it differently, but what do you think.



Level 5

Haha, that IS a tad bit ironic, isn't it? Beautiful coin, and I am slightly jealous! Cheers!


Level 6

Well made, pretty, but is that a real circulating coin?


Level 6

Pretty coin, but it is kind of odd that the Queen is on the there being it's an American Monument.


Level 7

I have to agree with Mr. Ian Fenn. The Us mint put out some beautiful coin's on monuments, war's. Just a lot of our country's famous place's and hero's. The best part is there not expensive. I try to buy u.s. when I can. The monarchy has mint's everywhere. You by there coin you get the queen. It was a good buy,and a good looking coin. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated. Mike.


Level 5

It is called collect what you like! As for the meaning behind the images I agree that it is rather ironic, but the images are still iconic!


Level 4

Thank you, I collected the set since they are some of America's most important treasuries and my grandfather fought in Vietnam.


Level 5

nice coin!


Level 5

Nice looking coin.

Ian Fenn

Level 5

I avoid the issues of Nuie. The coins are not used in that country they are only produced to sell to collectors. They have little resale value. You would be better off buying Pandas


Level 4

They not be used but I got for a fair deal for silver value.

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