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07 Aug 2021

All About Me

| CheerioCoins

I am sorry I didn't do this as my first blog but here's all about me.
Starting off is my favorite coin witch is the 2012 Silver Panda. The reason I like this coin in particular is that it is not a person on the front (or back) it is an animal (a panda obviously). Most U.S. coins are people and even though I mostly collect U.S. coins this is still my favorite. Next up is my age 11 turning 12 and my birthday witch is September 3rd (so I will post a good amount that day). I got into coin collecting because my grandma sent me a state quarter collection (witch I have completed the one I post on my collection is a second I got from my coin club. I have been coin collecting for about 2 years now and have grown a big collection since them. By the way I do like cats and have an orange tabby named cheerio (who is my profile pic). Lastly if you have any question post them in the comments.

But before I get any more off topic I hope you have a great day!



Level 6

Nice blog! Good to know more about you and your cat! haha ; )


Level 6

Nice to hear about you. I think a lot of us started from our Grandparent's. Thanks.


Level 6

A very nice introduction, thank you for sharing your story.


Level 7

Make friends and message them back. That's a great thing we have. I have the Panda coin when they changed them. It does not have the usual things on it. It came with a full page C.O.A. I think it was 2015. I have some. Welcome and my Birthday is also in September!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm glad you are here! I love my yellow cat too, they are special! My dog who is my boone companion is interested in Numismatics too!


Level 5

About the age I started collecting. Hooked ever since. Keep on collecting and have fun doing it.


Level 5

You have a nice-looking cat! Nice blog!


Level 4

Interesting! Does you cat coin collect too? LOL!


Level 3



Level 3

No. But he does stomp all over them to get me mad at him.


Level 6

It is always nice to hear how start this great hobby.

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