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23 Nov 2021

Another! Carson City Morgan Dollar.

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I got another Carson City 1882 Silver Dollar! This one I got from my grandparents who are visiting right now. They got it from my great grandfather who had it in his collection. I put a picture of the paper inside and the quote from former U.S. President Richard Nixon. By the way the other one is not a closed CC which was a bummer. Anyway this one is uncirculated unlike the other so it's in better condition. Just wanted to show you all this beauty.
Thank you for reading my blog and have an amazing rest of your day!




Level 5

Nice! I love Carson City GSAs!


Level 6

You have wonderful Grandparents! Beautiful coin! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Woow ! Beautiful and Nice collection , amazing


Level 6

Got to love the Grandparents. Nice!

Wow! That's a great coin!


Level 5

Out of all the Morgan Dollar hoards, the GSA's are my favorites. I am happy to have several of these in my collection.


Level 7

Very nice pickup. They also come graded. Sealed in the box it came in. Remove the top and N.G.C. Has its certification I like these. Take good care of it!!


Level 5

I will. thanks!


Level 5

Beautiful. C.C. Morgans are really nice. Great addition to your collection.


Level 5


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