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31 Jul 2021

West Point Mint National Park Quarters

| CheerioCoins

West Point Mint Quarters are a new kind of Quarters. The mint can be found at the bottom right of Washington. There are four mints on Washington Quarters Philadelphia mint ,Denver mint, San Francisco mint, and the West Point mint (They will be just the letters P,D,S, or W. They can be found in change, rolls, or any coins. Theyare years 2019-2020. Not all 2019-2020 National Park Quarters areWest Point mint Quarters, in fact they can be quite rare. If they are 2020they will have a symbol on the left of Washington that says V75 but 2019's will not.Usually they are about 25$ in MS-65 and MS-67 no matter what design it is.West Point mint Quartersare hard to find but Washington National Park Quarters are easily accessible.Thank you for reading my information on West Point mint Quarters. Have a great day! (And good luck on find West Point mint Quarters!)

30 Jul 2021

How To Grow Your Numismatic Collection, Fast!

Collecting Tips | CheerioCoins

One way to get more coins faster is roll searching, which is looking through rolls of coins (which are obtainable at banks) some coins you should look for while roll searching are wheat+steel cents (1909-1958), silver nickels (1942-1945), silver Roosevelt dimes (1946-1964), and silver(1932-1964)/West Point mint quarters (2019, 2020).Also, when you are at coin shows, or even online, you should look at every booth for coin(s) you want/need to get the best price. Also, use Greysheet (or something like Greysheet, i.e. Blue Book) to get the best price.Lastly, here on the ANA website, you can earn YN dollars which can be used at the monthly and yearly auction. You can get these by writing informational blogs, like this one (this is not the only way to earn these dollars), at a maximum of 2 a week. You will receive the physical dollar through the mail, and will sent them back if you win a lot at an auction.

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