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08 Aug 2021

Error or No Error?

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Mike pointed this out for me but I think the CC might be closed. I will show you guys a closer look and see what you think. Yesterday I went to my local coin club but next time I go I will ask the people there what they think. Anyway tell me what you think and I will notify you guys next time I go to coin club if it’s an error or not. But also I got this set of 24k golden plated 2001 quarters for you guys to check out also. I won it at the raffle at my coin club if you’d like to know.
Thanks for reading and tell me what you think and have a nice day!


Nice Morgan dollar, looks closed to me. I thought there were two O's!


Level 6

Its hard to really tell on that CC. Let us know what you find out. Also nice win on the raffle! ; )


Level 5

Look's closed to me also. Looking forward to the confirmation if its a closed. Nice raffle prize. Your coin club sounds awesome.


Level 3

Yeah and you get raffle tickets for coming!


Level 4

After looking at the closed CC in my red book, I still don't know. Also great quarters


Level 6

I don't want to be the crusher of dreams but I say open. By all means take it to a dealer. VAM World does not show any closed CC in your date. http://ec2-13-58-222-16.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/wiki/1882-CC_Reverses I could be wrong. Impossible to tell from these photos. The CC is close on a proper coin to begin with. Good luck. I hope I am wrong.


Level 7

Very smart move I hope you get lucky great quarters! Weigh the Morgan also!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Good eye! It looks closed to me. Nice quarters too! A great win!

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