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30 Oct 2018

die crack

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Sorry about that I must have not saved it.



Level 2

Thank you all for your input ,wil be getting a copy of the Cherry Pickers Guide.


Level 6

I agree with Longstrider. You need the Cherry Pickers Guide.


Level 2

Thank you all for your response.


Level 6

Something is going on there. Nice close photos. You need a Cherry Pickers Guide. best friend of the roll hunter. Along with a loupe and a good light.


Level 5

This is an unusual crack in that it continues into the letter "I". Considering that the dies are a mirror of the coin, the fields are the highest relief on the die and take the most pounding from repeated strikes. Since the lettering on the die is of lower relief and therefore less of a stress on the die, the letters do not typically show show cracking like yours does. This could be some kind of strike-through meaning that some foreign substance on the face of the die or planchet strikes through and shows up on the coin as relief just as this one does. Regardless, nice find!


Level 7

I see a small crack in the die. From the I over.

This picture is pretty good, and now I see it.


Level 6

There it is. It's tiny. Takes a good eye

It's Mokie

Level 6

Oh Yah, that is a nice one. Good job spotting that, I just look for wheaties now, I never examine memorials that closely.


Level 2

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