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01 Mar 2015

Dollar coins: Pathway to patriotism or branding tool?

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I have a “thing” about paying for small daily stuff in dollar coins.

Apparently, I am the only person in America with this rare affliction.

“Seriously, what is your deal with dollar coins?” I’m asked twice weekly by whichever coffee barista quenches my addiction and collects my combination of Susan B. Anthonys, Sacagaweas and presidentials.

Why do I pay for everything with dollar coins? Would you believe doing my patriotic part via seigniorage?

What is seigniorage?





Level 4

Just ahead of the times I guess. They are a lot easier to find than bills and people can peek in your wallet to see how much you have.


Level 1

Kenny: No, you're not the only person with this affliction. I too am addicted to dollar coins. I hope that someday congress and the president will act on a law discontinuing the dollar bill like almost every other country on the globe. I have several friends that also use them, and I make my wife do so as well (I should say, I constantly keep her wallet stocked so she'll be forced to) but alas all is well, she thinks my obsession is "cute", but she DOES indeed use them. Keep spending and fight the good fight.


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