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05 Nov 2016

"au-24" KT

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Recently, whether good, bad or do not know, while perusing many posts relating  to U.S. Mint recent release of the “2016 24Kt.-au Centennial Gold Coins” Series, there certainly seems to be a “more prominent negative under-current” whether citing sales, US Mint Limits, Prices, even whether US Mint should issues these coins in the first place:

…Oh, Yes, remember these “2016 24Kt.-au Centennial Gold Coins” issued thru US Mint, and whether one is in favor, not in favor or just do not care, 
it is these 3 “2016 24Kt.-au Centennial Gold Coins, that have been chosen as “TRIBUTES” to the original masters of art/science who helped breathe these conceptions into currency whether for taxes, payment for services or just everyday convenience:
and in so doing, I salute the US Mint for bringing this year, the 30Th anniversary of bringing great products to market

Enjoy the Pics



Level 5

I forgot to mention that I believe I like this coin the most out of the set.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i like silver more than gold on these kinds of coins especially the" blast white coins"


Level 7

I'm really surprised they didn't come out with a gold coin for the Philly mint. Thank the Lord. That's just my opinion. They make some good product in silver. Those three coins would of been there biggest seller in silver.


Level 5

The commemoration was a nice idea. Then to say they are only authorized to strike them is gold is meaningless. They are the government. They set the rules. They chose not to strike them in silver and thereby cutoff 99% of collectors ability to afford them.

I'm following your blog now and looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. Please, follow my blog too!


Level 4

The relief was slightly lower than originals


Level 5

I think the mint could be more creative than make old designs in gold. Most people can't afford gold.


Level 6

Thanks for your blog and great pics. I'm one of those guys that wanted silver coins....


Level 7

I agree with the coin student. Not everything is great in gold. Yes it's a nice coin but Congress decided it be made of gold not the mint. It did not sell out in one day and is still available in the secondary market. So are the mercury dime's. They should of been made of there original silver. Thanks for the blog and your input. Keep up the good work!

These gold commemoratives don't get me excited as a collector. I believe it is unlikely that these will become highly sought-after collectables.

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