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06 Sep 2018

Collecting England's Coins

| TheBoss

Hi guys!
             I have recently picked up the interest of collecting England's coins for not just the fun but also to have a educational experience.  I have 3 different monarch coins: George V, George VI, and Elizabeth II.  Every time I acquire a new British coin, I go online and find everything I can find about that particular king or queen.  Additionally, I find out what happened that was significant that year.  These are really good ways of learning and can be used with not just British coinage but also other countries coinage.  I hope you guys can do as I did and learn a few things that are beneficial along the way of collecting coins!   Thank you and be sure to follow me and my blog!

                                                                                                                                               Best of luck,
                                                                                                                                                                         Tristan Tang (elite_silver21)



Level 6

Research can be so fun! Great job! Thanks for an interesting blog!

Coins of Great Britain are some of the best to collect because they offer such a range of specializations. I have been tempted to put together a set of the 2 pound semi-commemoratives, a combination of great art and great history.


Level 6

Graet way to learn. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully other people will give it a try.


Level 6

When I specialized in world coins, I esp enjoyed British coins. Many Victoria coins inc a 4p from 1838.


Level 7

I love British coins. I write the history behind every one. I like the conder tokens also. There beautiful. Thanks.


Level 5

It is great that you research the history associated with your coins. Happy collecting and learning.

Smart thing to do. Canadian coins offered the same kind of king and queens throughout the ages. I had a few British pennies, they are not my fancy for whatever reason, so I sold them. The age difference between Britain and US coins his fun to think about though.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I like the british pennies. I have about 40 of them I got most for free except for my two from the 1890's which I payed 83 cents a piece for. I also have what is probably an old British Farthing. It could possibly be American colonial, too. It is sow orn you cant tell. It looks almost like a blank planchet. wouldn't even grade as a PR-1

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