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31 Dec 2018


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Good Morning guys,

Today is New Years Eve and as you know, the news years countdown will be TONIGHT!!!!!  I'll be watching from NBC4.  What about you guys?  Any numismatic traditions?  

Be sure to comment "Hey, I'm watching {channel} from {where}"  when you start watching the countdown!!  

                                                                                                                                       Happy New Year,



Level 6

I was fast asleep on New Tears Eve... I work the 2:00 am to 10:30 am shift... Hope everyone had a great New Years!


Level 5

In years past, I would be watching the Coin Vault on one of the shopping networks.


Level 6

I'm like CoinLady. Asleep.


Level 6

I'm an old lady. I don't stay up anymore. :)

Happy New Year, ABC 13

Ever since Guy Lombardo died, New Years Eve just hasn't been the same. I figure about New Years in Des Moines I will be brushing my teeth and putting on my formal CPAP mask for a good night's sleep. I have to be up early to see the Rose Parade. My real tradition is watching the New Years Day Straus Concert from Vienna on Great Performances (PBS).


Level 6

Hello fellow CPAP user. Aren't they a great deal of fun?? hahah!

Will be watching CNN at home with the wife. As for numismatic traditions - I'll soon start checking my change for anything with 2019 on it. Will also officially welcome my 2019 Red Book into service! Happy NY 2 U.


Level 6

LOL, I will probably be snoozing at midnight, if not, will be on my front porch with sparklers left over from the 4th. Happy New Year Boss and Everyone Else.


Level 7

I will be watching. However my wife will wake me up at 11:57 because I'm sick and be back in bed at 12:05. It will be seven or four she is the one watching. But the best to all in your family and you . Be safe.

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