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25 Dec 2018

Quarterly Numismatic Book Review #1

| TheBoss

Hey guys and Merry Christmas to you all!!
I recently got my 1901-2000 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2019 and it is just packed with so much information!!  The book has prices for every single coin in the world including US from 1901 to 2000.  With a little time, you will be able to value your whole 1901 to 2000 collection of world coins.  But beware, when you pick it up, the cover kind of makes a faint, permanent crease & the book is "fragile".  But why?  Because it is too thick!!  

This is a must have for all collectors and by the way, on Amazon, they sell it for 41 dollars vs every other place is like 70 bucks.  I would rate this book maybe a 4.5?????

What do you think?  Comment below about your opinions on the 1901-2000 Standard Catalog of World Coins!!!  By the way, also comment what numismatic goodies you got for Christmas!!

                                                                                                                   Happy Holidays,



Level 4

I have a pass edition of the World Coin Cat.(2006) and still yet a great reference!


Level 6

Sounds like a great reference book to have. I got the CherryPickers Guide Vol 2 for Christmas. It's wonderful!

I got 2 coin books: cherrypicker's guide to mint errors (half cents through nickels) and guide book to lincoln cents. I also got 60 dollars to save for key dates. (my grandparetns haven't come yet...)


Level 6

Probably one of the must haves for world coin collectors.. Thanks.


Level 6

A must have for the modern foreign collector and an interesting read for the sheer volume of entries.


Level 7

Sounds like a great book. It will help a Lot hope.You enjoy it. Should have a ton of information in it. Enjoy it. Mike


Level 6

Standard catalogs of World Coins, valuable resource. Packed w/info. Pics, mintage figures, everything a collector could want.


Level 7

I just retired from collecting I don't have to buy any more books. Besides I have no more room. Thanks.


Level 4

Yep, the catalog is indeed a useful tool when it comes to world coins but to me it isn't outdated :)

I got a box of pennies from my grandparents, thanks for asking. out of date now, but it really is a good catalog to have lying around, not very many when it comes to world coins, and this is definitely one of the best.

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