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13 Apr 2020

What do you guys collect

| Coin Collecting With Tyler

Hello everyone I was just wondering what coins you guys collect? I personally collect Toned Morgan Dollars and Proof Franklin Half Dollars!



Level 4

All kinds.of United States coins but mostly Large Cents.


Level 4

I mainly collect indian head cents. But overall, anything!


Level 5

I collect anything silver or gold, US coins pre-1960, and various forms of exonumia. Hope Yall are doing al right. Cheers, NM


Level 6

My favorites are Mercury Dimes and Buffalo Nickels. Also anything with a Lion, Buffalo theme. Coinage or paper.


Level 7

I like half dollars Kennedys and Franklins i foundn a seller on ebay his nameis bezel-boy 43486. I think the numer ishis sales . Top seller and i checked his prices agaist the app. He has good prices. Now thats my interpretation. Dont go by me. Chexk them against the app. There are some cents MS 67 thats the grade were the cents are allot higher than a MS 66. chexk your prices . Im not telling you to buy but he sells mostly what you like.. And i like. Do not buy because i found him. Anything you buy its up to you. I never tell anyone who to buy from . Take.a look.

Long Beard

Level 5

Anything round and made of some type of metal. Preferably the precious variety. On a serious note, primarily U.S. coinage. I have a strange obsession with dimes.


Level 7

All coins But i like the conder series the best. A choice of thousands of them.


Level 6

I collect way to many different coins and currency. Sadly, this can get out of hand. I have lately been working on Peace dollar V Top 50 and Elite 30 coins. That being said the last two purchases my wife and I did was a 1795 British token and a Military Payment Certificate or MPC..


Level 4

This has always been a troubled question for me. There hasn't been just one thing I can collect, I love everything about numismatics and history in general. I have a somewhat stronger emphasis on my type set and capped bust types (dimes and half dollars). To be honest I think it would be easier to list things that I don't collect...


Level 5

Mostly world silver crowns and historical medals. Really, anything that catches my eye.


Level 5

I collect type coins and worldwide coins and medals that fit into one of my theme-based sets.


Level 6

I am focusing on Canadian Provincial Issues the last year or two, I only have the New Brunswick 1/2 Cent to complete all the provincials, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.


Level 2

Large size paper money bills :)

I like to collect all sorts of coins, but currently I am working on compiling a complete date/mintmark set of Liberty Walking half dollars, and I am trying to do so in high grades (late last year I finally found a Full Details example)

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