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20 Dec 2016

1829 Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 24MG

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Anyone that knows me knows that I tend to collect nice circulated pieces. Despite that when you I see a coin almost 200 years old in almost perfect condition I have to take a second look.  The largest portion of my collection contains coins from the German States. The area of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel put out some fascinating pieces in a wide variety of designs. This particular piece is a 24 Mariengroschen dated 1829. It is not the most interesting design from the area but it is well struck and graded NGC MS66. There were 2 different versions of this coin, this one has the "ZU BRAUNSCHW" legend.

When I see a coin like this I always wonder why someone pulled it out of circulation and chose to keep it in virtually untouched condition. Although not unheard of finding these in mint state coins from this time period and geographical area is unusual. Typically they are found well circulated. Nicely struck pieces like this are also hard to come by.

I hope everyone enjoys.



Level 6

Beautiful coin. I've never seen one until now. Shield is impressive.


Level 4

*gasp* WHAT A GORGEOUS COIN!!! 8D I've got several coins from various German states (Bavaria, Hesse-Darmstadt, Austria, etc.) but they've all seen more than their fair share of usage. This one is exquisite!!! I'm wondering why they spelled it "CARL Herzog zu Braun..." rather than "KARL Herzog zu Braun..." Hmm . . . [heads over to Google]


Level 5

Very nice coin. Like you I find it fascinating that people had the where with all to put these away so they preserved a piece of history.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Wow. Very beautiful coin.

What a lovely coin. Collecting German States coinage must be fascinating. Beside the Wildman, the is the Luneburg horse and numerous Baptismal Thalers


Level 5

Very nice coin! I like a lot of the coins from this area with The Wildman on them.


Level 5

I have a thing for The Wildman coins to. Check out my avatar.


Level 7

The largest part of your collection is the coins you find before we do! That's a really nice coin. You always manage to find the nice ones good for you. Your blog's have the right amount of information. Anyone that sees that beauty will want it. Congratulations on the pickup!


Level 6

Great looking coin. Thanks for the history lesson. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Nice looking coins. I believe you can not go wrong with nice circulated pieces.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

"ZU BRAUNSCHW" mean "to BRAUNSCHWEIG" or "to Brunswick" in English. Brunswick is a city in Germany that is most likely the city in which that coin was minted in and "carl herzog" is Duke Carl most likely the person the coin was made in commemorative to (like the Washington quarter) a rough translation of "achtzehn stueck eine reine mark" is "Eighteen pieces a pure mark" and as you may have guessed "feines silber" is "Fine silver" very interesting coin (i used google translate for the German to English translation so there may be some errors in it) P.S. always site your sources

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