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28 Sep 2019

2019 W Quarters

Coins | Mike B

Hi . I'm . not putting up five coins that we all know by now. I have always said there are no dumb questions in this hobby. I know I asked them all. What is a steel cent made of. Those type.of questions. The other day I came up with another or is it? Now all these quarters are grading M S. Now we have the Sheldon Scale which keeps all coins on even scale. I don't think you will get one better. This question of making it to a hundred would cause chaos in this hobby. That's not the question. Now it hit me long after this program was started. First the mint makes ten thousand of each of the 2019 America The Beautiful.. Then over a period of time released to the general public. Remember that. Released to the general public . Now some of you know I broke my hip. Wow that hurt. Surgery that night of to rehab. A little girl came buy and asked if I wanted a danish. I paid her she put the change in the bed table. I looked over there it was a 2019 W quarter of San Antino. I sent it home . Now I'm in the hospital no wh-Fi. So I loose out on early releases. It doesn't bother me. Now here is the dumb question. Remember I said released to the general public. How then are they graded all MS.? I mean not all came from bank rolls.. Some have been passed along and they look it. So who broke the scale that has worked for so long?. Has anyone seen an Almost Uncirirculaded. No one I know.. The Lowell was.Released in April. Still getting MS. Let's change the rules so they will want to look for them. Who set this up? My good friend said is willing to wait to find them. What if it takes two years in circukation. Don't get me wrong but who said make them all MS. I would like to know. It's bad for the hobby making rules as we go along. Let's see how long it takes for an A/U. I think it will take along time. Remember not in sets but from circulation. I guess any thing goes. Hopes you enjoyed my dumb question. Mike B.

26 Sep 2019

My Avatar

Collecting Tips | Mike B

This will be very short. On Sept,29 I was planning on changing my avatar. Nothing to do with the other collector. I was born in Ireland. The custom being if you were born on a Saints day. That's the name you were given. So far I have used that name and my middle name Pat. And the 29th of September is my birthday The feast day of Saint Michael the archangel. What does this have to do with coins. We get to know others collectors by there avatar. All of them have special meaning. Now I'm writing this to let you know in advance so you don't think I'm new. We know the avatar we know the collector. I realized that I should of left it. Well when I change it maybe today it you will know Pat is Gone Mike is back. will stay. I have one other name Matthew. Yes Ireland believes strongly in the Saints. So now you won't have to say who's Mike.. I will sign my name in messages Mike was Pat. I think it's important otherwise you say who is this guy Mike. Well you will know. That's why it's important to let collectors know your the same person. I was thinking about it and Pat doesn't fit. So today i will to introduce Mike who was Pat. We have to know our collectors. I don't want anyone to get mixed up. So now you have Mike back and it will stay that way. Thanks Mike who was Pat. I hope you understood all that. Even I'm confused. Mike After all that it would not let change to Mike. I guess there's to many. So I chose the second initial to a B. Why? It's a good letter Why not b. I will keep that letter Why not. Mike B

18 Sep 2019

I'm Back Because of You and Coins

Coins | Mike B

My friends and all collector's. I just got home from a terrible experience. I fell and broke my hip. They did emergency surgery that night. And shipped me to a rehab. I am still in pain and now need a walker to help me. The rehab was hard and I have a long way to go. If you want to know what gave me the strength to go on when it was painful and hard when I was alone in a dark room.. It was the ANA my friends you and my coins. Yes coins was a big part in me working hard to get out of there. I had my phone and I have pictures of my coins,tokens, and medals. I would look at them and remember the history of each one. Yes this hobby can help you when your hurt. The friends the people I could not of got home without all that. Your good wishes and prayers were welcome. So now starts the hard part. Home and rehab. I will get through this because I'm a member of the ANA. I have to keep this short but if you ever get hurt. Remember this family prayers and coins will help you. Let's not forget friends. It will take time to get back in full swing. I hope you understand. But you didn't let me down and I won't let you down. These things happen in life. It's nice to know you have a whole.organization behind you. I will continue to help yn's they are the future and the stranded bearers of the hobby. I will blog again. I'm still learning. And with friends like you a simple message really helps. So I guess what I'm trying to say is there is so much that coins bring to us. They helped me in my darkest hour. They will help you. How does a.coin help. History the beauty of it. The fact that you own a piece of our history and world.history. The deal you made with a seller. I can go on and on. Now I hope your sitting down for this. While I was in the hospital a little girl was selling some small danish. Here it comes. I gave her the money she gave me change and put it on the table. One coin stood out shinny great luster. I picked it up and low.and behold a W mint San Antonio quarter. I'm still in shock. In a hospital in pain a quarter brought me new life. A reason to go on. I always check my change we don't know if we will find one or not. This will grade high. Fresh out of her bank roll. So I will sum up . Stay healthy. Put your coins on your phone. And always buy a small Danish from a young girl serving the sick. Bless you all thank you. It will take time but I will be bloging again. By the way I heard the auction was great and many received the coins the wanted It a a learning experience a fun one and thank Sam for putting it together for you. Thanks it's good to be home.

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