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26 Apr 2015

In Praise of Local Coin Shows

Coins | Fugio1787

I enjoy the big coin shows, notably the quarterly ones in Baltimore, but there is something to be said for the local shows as well. I have been attending the show in Vienna, Virginia, since the 1980s. These gatherings, which also occur quarterly, meet in a community center about 15 miles south of Washington, D.C. Many of the dealers have been there year in and year out although some have gone, usually older dealers, and new ones have taken their place. There are generally about 30 dealers, and they come from Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsyvania. I have been able to pick up many decent coins, both ancients and U.S., over the years. Today I found a nice North American Token to fill the hole in my effort to create a "type set" of colonial coins identified in the Red Book. Purchases, sales, trades and conversation has always made this gathering a pleasure.

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