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07 Apr 2015

Colonial Coin Auction Catalogues

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I really enjoy browsing through old auction catalogues, both those of the distant past as well as modern ones. As I have begun drilling down more seriously with my interest in colonial coins, I have picked up three catalogs of great value. The oldest one is the New Netherlands Coin Company catalogue of December 3-4, 1968 (Auction 60). Excellent information on colonial coins and, I have learned, one of the most respected of all coin catalogues in terms of its descriptive information.

I also recently added the Heritage auction catalogue IV of the Eric P. Newman Collection, May 2014. What an amazing book, replete with outstanding information and huge, detailed color photographs. This must be one of the most useful of all colonial auction catalogues. And, finally, I unexpectedly acquired the Stack's Bowers catalogue of The Henry G. Kendall Foundation Collection where the auction took place at the Baltimore Coin Show in March 2015. This is another excellent and useful catalogue.

I find that such catalogues enhance my knowledge and nicely supplement my library of numismatic books. I would be interested in learning about other outstanding auction catalogues which focus on colonial coins.



Level 5

Great reference books have details and knowledge which otherwise we might never find!


Level 6

You can never have too many coin books! : )


Level 5

I love old coin books.

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