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06 Apr 2015

Reflections on a 65th Birthday

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I recently marked my 65th birthday. Looking back, I have to say that one of the great joys of my life has been coin collecting. While my engagement with numismatics has varied from decade to decade, there have been many years that my interest has been quite high. I attribute this lifelong enjoyment to being mesmerized by the Red Books and reading Coin World in the early 1960s. Not quite a teenager, I poured over these publications and learned information on history and, of course, coins that has remained with me.

As part of my birthday celebration I attended the Baltimore Coin Show in March. It was noteworthy because I completed my Morgan Silver Dollar set and enhanced my colonial collection with two great additions: the Rhode Island Ship Token and a Massachusetts Pine Tree coin. I am looking forward to focusing more on my colonial interests for, perhaps, the next quarter century.



Level 5

congrat5s on completing such a big set!!!


Level 7

It's nice to see were in the same age group Happy Birthday!


Level 5

Congratulations on your birthday and the coins :)


Level 4

Happy Birthday!


Level 6

Sounds like a wonderful Birthday celebration!


Level 5


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