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01 Sep 2015

Gifts in My Collection

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Being a Young Numismatist, money is short. Because of this, gifts from family, friends, and coin dealers mean that much more. In my short time as a numismatist, I have been very lucky to know some of the nicest people that there can be. In this blog, I will go over some coins in my collection that were gifts from these people. These are some of my favorite coins, not just for the coins themselves, but more for the people and the memories behind them.

The first of these coins is my Presidential dollar proof sets. These were given to me by my grandfather starting in 2007, continuing until the series ends. One day when he visited, my grandpa took me aside and gave me the 2007 set, featuring George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. He explained to me what a proof coin was and that I should never ever spend them, as they had a special finish. I was immediately hooked. The sets were one of the things that got me excited for coins. Looking back on it, my grandfather did not have to do this, but he decided that he wanted to pass on the collecting gene to me.

Moving on, the next coin in my collection that was given to me is a 2002 1/20 ounce Chinese gold panda. It was given to me by my neighbor and friend, Dawn, right before Christmas in 2012. Even though Dawn is not a collector, she knew that I loved coins and wanted to help add fuel to my internal collecting fire. Things like that are what make collecting special. Everybody, even if they're noncollectors, are interested and want to help YN's with their collections.

This last gift coin is not rare or uncirculated or of any real value to collectors. Despite these things, this is one of my favorite coins because of the people behind it. It was not long after my grandpa visited and gave me the presidential proof set that I persauded my dad to take me to a local coin shop. I spent literally hours there, just looking at all the different coins. The owners of the store were extremely nice and talked to me, not as a young kid, but rather as a fellow collector. After all this time of browsing around and taking up their time, I settled on a circulated 1957 French 100 Francs coin. They let me have it for free. I still keep it as a treasured piece in my collection to this day.

These are just a few examples of coins in my collections with generous, thoughtful, and caring people behind them. These kind gestures, as you can see, meant a lot to me and shaped who I am as a collector. Why not do something like this to an aspiring young collector that you know. I'm certain that it will make all the difference.



Level 5

Great story. Thanks for sharing! The people who support numismatics and pass it along to future generations are the best!


Level 5

Very cool. Awesome grandpa!

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