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01 Oct 2015

My Auction Experience

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_7392

This year’s large YN Auction was a huge success. There was an average of about fifteen to twenty bidders at any given time. I’m sure all of them had a blast. I missed the first 30 or so items, as I had a playoff baseball game. In those 30 items, I missed several of the lots that I had been looking forward to, but I was still in luck as there were still many interesting items to come.

I ended up winning several coins and two books. The books are A Guide Book of Washington and State Quarters, which is in the “Red Book” series, and Adventures with Rare Coins. Both are by famed author Q. David Bowers. I am looking forward to reading both. I will likely be writing reviews for both in time.

The coins I got were facinating. Since I missed my big lots, I decided to go with what sounded interesting to me. I ended up winning four coins. The first of these is a Roman Dupondius struck under Emperor Caracalla from 211-217 C.E. This coin features Caracalla in a radiant crown on the obverse and what appears to be a man with a staff on the reverse. The next coin I aquirred is a 1769 Austrian ½ Kreuzer struck under Maria Theresa. This coin interested me because it dates back to the 18th century, and is one of the oldest coins in my collection, excluding ancients. After that, I got an 1898 Barber half. It is in a fine condition but is still a nice addition to my collection. Finally, I got the 97th lot, a 1967 SMS Kenedy half. I have never seen a SMS coin up close before, and after looking at this coin, I learned a lot. Also included in my package was a plastic flat pack with a 2014 Lincoln cent and a unstruck planchet. This was very cool. A bookmark was also in the package, icing on the cake.

Overall, I found this experience to be very informational and a fun time. Whether it was the bidding wars winning that special lot, the whole thing is something that I would love to do again. I thank all of the people who helped set this up, especially Mr. Gelberd, who stuck with it for a whopping four hours, eduring incescant cut bids and our numismatic chatter. I urge the ANA to keep the same format for next year. Keep it online because it allows everyone to participate. Also keep it on a Youtube livestream. It was simple and easy to access. Until next time, happy collecting!



Level 5

We're so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for the wonderful feedback!


Level 5

It sounds like it was fun for everyone! Congratulations on your winnings!


Level 6

Congratulations on winning some great stuff! Glad you had a great time!


Level 5

I was bidding too! Thanks for the blog.


Level 5

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the auction, and liked the stuff you won! (Yes, you bid on some great lots; I love that Caracalla piece; wish it were mine!! lol - And I love giving YNs freebies whenever I can reasonably do so; glad you liked that Lincoln Cent & planchet too!) I think part of what helped me through the auction was the energy from you YNs. (and it was FIVE hours, not four! lol) I wasn't able to see much of the chat going on, as I had to facilitate the auction process, but my wonderful co-workers were telling me some of the funny stuff you all were writing; wish I could've read all of that too, but I was having too much fun with the auction lots. We're going to see what we can do to make the process even better for the next auction we do. (Yeah, that delay stinks, but it was better than the 30+ seconds it was doing before, while we were testing all the equipment earlier that week!) I'm just so glad we were able to finally do one that ALL YNs could participate in from home, not just the ones who are fortunate enough to attend the World's Fair of Money Shows. Until the next big one, make sure to check out our monthly YN auctions - you never know what coins will be up for bid with YN Dollars! --Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.

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