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15 Nov 2015

My Trip to the Coin Show Part Two: The Auction

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In my previous blog about the Springfield coin show I described my experience on the bourse. However, the bourse was not the only the only thing offered at the show. There was a youth auction that I participated in. There was over 100 lots, but I did not make it all the way though.

To start with, all the items in the auction were donated by dealers and no real money was used. Instead, all kids were given a sheet that had numbers that represented how much we had. We all started with 200 dollars, but everyone was given extra money throughout the auction so nobody would run out.

There was something for everyone in this auction from currency to world coins to commemoratives. I was particulary interested in an 1820 large cent, a framed national bank note, and a 19th century British trade token that featured Brittania. There were also drawings for old red books and other numismatic books. My favorites out of all of the items in the drawing was a Periodic Table of U.S. Coins by PCGS. Additionally, there were free coin folders that anyone could grab at any time in the auction. Also, there was a table in the back filled with ANA flyers. I took a couple of coin folders for a talk on coin collecting I am giving in a couple weeks. There was plenty of oppertunities in this auction for a young collector to learn about the hobby.

I did win a few things at this auction. First of all, everyone was called several times for the drawing. Luckily, I was called first and I grabbed the Periodic Table of U.S. Coins poster. It is now hanging up, framed, in my room. I also picked out a 2009 Red Book to give away at my talk that I am giving. I won the 1820 large cent, a 1982 George Washington Commemorative Half, and a PCGS graded 1943-D Mercury dime in MS-64 FB. There were also a couple lots that just got away, such as the framed national bank note. I also missed the 19th century British trade token because I wanted to take a break and enjoy the bourse one more time before I left. Everybody had a great time and went home with a nice addition to their collection.

In my last blog about my purchases from the bourse I left out a one thing. When I went by an ancient coin dealer’s table just to look around, the dealer told me that I could pick out one coin in a case. I decided to choose a follis from Roman emperor Constantine the Great that featured a campgate on the reverse. It is in circulated condition but it is an awesome coin that I am happy to add to my collection.

In the end, I left the show with new numismatic knowledge, coins for my collections, and something to look forward to next time there is a coin show.



Level 5

That is great! When i went to my first coin show, an ANA oone, they didnt have too many prizes for yn's. At the most recent one i went to, fall 2015, they hada whole little program for kids where an ANACS grader came to talk. also, they had a drawing wherema and my brother who had to tag along, got cjosen twice and he got some coins he liked even though he doent particularly like numismatics, which is good because he found out he likes coins, just not the kind i collect. I also won a 2005 wesstward journey proof set with the 2 2005 nickels a 2005 dollar and a medal. It is worth $40! Anyway, I had fun


Level 5

It sounds like the show promoters are doing the right thing by helping YN's and their motivation to collect Numismatics. Congratulations!


Level 5

Awesome! I wish all coin shows had a YN related activity.


Level 5

I wish that too

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