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29 Sep 2019

First try at a coin exhibit

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The 2019 Virginia Numismatic Associations 61st Annual Convention is in the books. This year I put together an exhibit for the Apollo 11 coins and theApollo program, got lots of comments but came up short on peoples choice award.



Level 5

Very nice, and as Mike B. notes. You did one, which is more than many do (including me)


Level 4

That is a great display! I think you can earn YN dollars even if you didn't win a prize.


Level 1

BTW, I did make my first ever purchase from the US Mint just a few weeks ago. My first purchase a number of items but the coin I was looking most forward to receiving was the Proof coin commemorating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, which I watched as much as I could on TV as a pre-teen. The only problem is many of the coins, including that Apollo 11th coin, were missing from my shipment. Hopefully, it doesn't take the two months they gave as the range of dates until they ship my missing coins. Since this was my first ever order with the US Mint I was wondering if missing coins are a fairly common problem? I've bought tons of things online over the years but it took a purchase from the USG to have my first ever shipment of missing goods. Kind of sad, actually, 50 years ago we put men on the moon but the Mint couldn't process an order correctly. They did correctly bill me for coins I don't have, however.


Level 1

I'm new to the hobby and this site. What are YN dollars?


Level 6

Great looking exhibit. Well done. Thanks for showing it here..


Level 6

Attractive exhibit. I always enjoyed exhibiting.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Beautiful display, and I am sure many viewers enjoyed it.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A very beautiful and informative display, I wish it were seen at the PAN show this month.


Level 7

The point is you did one. Not every thing is winning. The fact you did one and hundreds didn't proves it. It looks good to me. Keep up the good.work.!

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