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10 Jun 2018

be care at coin shops

| user_74224

 coin places  lie about it's coins. i bought a  ben franklin 1/2 dollar and they said is was a proof. but it was in a 2 by 2  card board holder and i looked that coin up in a book and  it said there was no such thing. i paid good  money and i think it was a fraud. i was a little suspicious when i saw it  but i wanted a proof so bad i just bought it . usually a proof coin in a plastic protective case but as i said it came in a cardboard 2 by 2 container .  it was a 1961 franklin "proof" so yeah.



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Have someone else look at it. You need to purchase whats called "The Red Book" for coin collectors. We all use it.

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more than three million were made actually


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Proof sets are often broken up & individual coins sold.


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There cut them out and put it in a cardboard holder. To be in plastic holder I will assume you think all proof coins are sent in to be graded. Then it's put in a slab. What was the mint mark of the half dollar. Next time a picture would help. It didn't mean he took you he might of but we don't have enough information. I hope you weren't taken that it is legit. Buy the RED BOOK it has all the information you need. Thanks and good luck. Mike.


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They did make Franklin Halves proof in 1961. Proof coins came in a cellophane sleeve that year. Easy to cut coins out and put in 2 x 2's. I bought a 1957 proof half in a 2 x 2 once. Please, take another look at it, and maybe show it to other collectors. Coin shop would not be in business long, if they were liars. Good luck.


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