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11 Apr 2018

Hell Bank Notes

Paper Money-World | YoungNumismitist

My neighbor (who gets talked about a lot but doesn't do all my collecting) gave me 3 Chinese Hell Bank Notes. I was perplexed, for I had never heard of such a thing before. And what an odd name, I thought. After he explained what they were for, I was very interested. A few days later, The Numismatist (Issue unknown but I will find it) arrived in my mailbox with more about the shells used as well as the notes. I am interested in hearing more about these notes if anyone has information.

27 Feb 2018

1945 Penny

Coins | YoungNumismitist

Recently I had found a 1945 penny on the ground. I was shocked and when I got home I immediately put it in a special place. I have been contemplating having it slabbed just to remember how I acquired a beautiful penny. Note: I would say it is Very Fine.

14 Feb 2018

Presidential Medals

Medals | YoungNumismitist

Just yesterday my neighbor gave me a bunch of the medals made for the presidents. They go from George Washington to Ronald Reagan and includes The White House medal. He has developed liver cancer so this means a lot to me. I plan on getting the others to complete the collection.

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