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27 Feb 2018

1945 Penny

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Recently I had found a 1945 penny on the ground. I was shocked and when I got home I immediately put it in a special place. I have been contemplating having it slabbed just to remember how I acquired a beautiful penny. Note: I would say it is Very Fine.



Level 4

Great find, I was given 4 wheat cents as change at Half Priced Books last week!


Level 4

Maybe for the 95th National Coin Week April 15-21, 2018 us numismatists would do coin drops to make the week more exciting. Coin dropping is an old past time for coin collectors during National Coin Week. Don't be surprised if you see lots of people looking down in April. Looking down has a negative connotation let us turn it into a positive thing. Be prepared to strike it rich!


Level 6

I wouldn't slab it bec it's a common coin, but it's a good find. A wheat back cent over 70 yrs old!


Level 6

Hat is great you found it, but would not be worth slabbing.


Level 7

I can understand your excitement but to send it away will cost at least 53.00. I recommend you buy the slabs they sell at the dealer you get five or six in a box. Congratulations and don't loose it. You will always remember it. Mike


Level 6

That is really cool! Those slabs on e-Bay are called "Premier Slab Coin Holders". They are great and come in all different sizes.


Level 6

Cool. Keep in mind it is expensive to have a TPG slab your coin. It's close to $80 depending on what you want at NGC. Another option would be to get a non graded fake slab, I don't know what to call them, off eBay. I have recently bought 4. They are under $10. The more you buy the less they cost. They have a size guide so you get the right one for your coin. Good Luck!!

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