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14 Feb 2018

Presidential Medals

Medals | YoungNumismitist

Just yesterday my neighbor gave me a bunch of the medals made for the presidents. They go from George Washington to Ronald Reagan and includes The White House medal. He has developed liver cancer so this means a lot to me. I plan on getting the others to complete the collection.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

first things first research and learn as much about the coins as you can before trying to complete it to get the most out of them. also another word of advice you should sit down with the guy and talk to him about the medals, how he started the collection, where he got them, what his advice is for completing this collection, and any other questions. i think your neighbor would greatly appreciate it and you will learn a lot from that as well.

Thank you for the advice. I will definitely take it into account.


Level 6

What a great friend you have. He trusts you with a beloved collection of his. I'll pray for him and his family too.


Level 5

That's very nice. It's great that he is making sure some one will appreciate his collection.


Level 6

I pray for him. He left his beloved medals to someone who appreciates them.


Level 6

That is a great man.. He passed his set on to someone he knows will cherish it. I too will pray for him and his family!! Thanks!


Level 7

Well that's a very kind man I will keep him in my prayers. He did what I would say a tremendous act passing on a collection. He is a true collector. Someone that wants his coins taken care of. I'm sure you will do it. And when you look at them you will remember him great story. Mike


Level 6

Nice addition to your collection. Great way to remember the order of the presidents.

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