RSchwa57's Blog

07 Jul 2022

The Golden Age of Coin Roll Hunting

Coins-United States | RSchwa57

I was born in the mid-fifties and able to start collecting coins before Silver was removed from circulating denominations. Able to walk into my corner bank and trade 100 Lincoln cents (Mostly Wheaties) for a Shiney Morgan or Peace dollar any time that one was in the Teller's tray. I consider myself a Hoarder, not a Collector. My family unanimously and emphatically agree. That being said, I have roll searched since I was introduced the compulsion by my grandfather. Many Sunday dinners were topped off by looking through 10 rolls of cents and nickels full of Buffalos and Liberty (V Nickels) were still fairly common as well. A Shield nickel would appear nearly as frequently as a Buffalo pops out of a roll today.

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