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27 Nov 2022

More Unrealized Value

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Last week's blog topic pertained to finding rarity and value far exceeding that of what we as collectors first think of on that subject. Low mintage, low survival high grades of world coinage comparative to similar coins of the United States. The subject of this week is a continuation, finding value which all too often is right before our eyes. The Prestige Proof Sets from 1983 to 1997. Enjoy!

20 Nov 2022

Popularity Versus Rarity and Reality

Coins | Long Beard

Coin collecting can be broken down into two main types of collectors. Those who do so out of enjoyment, history or artistry and the challenge of completing a task. Others who focus on highest quality, often the rare and unique with intentions of both bragging rights and investment potential. A third group of collectors, those of us who chose both paths although budgeted far lower than those with seeming unlimited funds. So the subject for the week focuses on the third, using a specimen which has now been entrusted to myself for future collectors to show the reality versus the perception of rare coinage. Proving that anyone, on practically any budget, may obtain rare coins. Enjoy!

13 Nov 2022

Things Gained

Coins | Long Beard

This week's blog is somewhat out of the ordinary from the usual about numismatics, in that it is about why this member found himself here, what I've learned and the things noticed. Enjoy!

08 Nov 2022

The Other Yorktown

| Long Beard

Usually one blog per week suffices, however with the interest shown in the original it seemed appropriate to include this one which came with today's mail. So we'll consider it part two of the week's blog, only shorter with the history reflective of the title. Enjoy!

05 Nov 2022

Often Overlooked

Medals | Long Beard

United States Bicentennial commemorative medals, both official and privately struck, were a resounding success at the time of their inception. Some appearing in the years leading up to the Bicentennial of 1976. Literally hundreds, if not reaching the thousands, of these once treasured mementos of the time eventually finding their way into a cigar or shoe box tucked away in a closet or attic to be forgotten. To be certain there is still a select group, all be they much smaller in number than back in the 1970's, who collect and prize these true works of art. The author being one such, presents a particular piece just added to the hoard and subject for this week's blog. Enjoy!

23 Oct 2022

Over the rainbow

| Long Beard

As a collector of many, many years and amassing as many complete series of United States coinage, the seemingly inevitable crossroads of where to proceed within this area of coin collecting. Meaning, that after forty-five plus years I'm left only with one or two major key dates going back into the mid to late 1800's.Not wishing to stop the hoard from continued expansion world coinage became the growing focus. However, a passion for coins of my country continually lingers. So to satisfy such a strong desire I decided to pursue toned Jefferson nickels. Why the Jefferson and not say something silver such as the Washington quarter or Franklin Half, or perhaps the copper Lincoln cent? There is just something about the Jefferson and the manner in which nickel as a metal tones natural over time and the environment from which it has witnessed. And this is the topic of the week's blog. Enjoy!

18 Oct 2022


Coins-United States | Long Beard

Proof coins. Any collector at the hobby has at one point added a proof coin to their holding. A newer Washington quarter or modern commemorative. Perhaps it's a silver Roosevelt dime graded PF64 CAM. Yet how often, if at all, do we think of proof coins beyond those bearing the image of a President?As you must surely be thinking of them now, going a step further, does deep or ultra cameo enter the mind? This is the discussion of the week, pre-1900 deep cameo coinage. Enjoy!

09 Oct 2022

The Irreversible Tragedy

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Any one who collects Morgan Silver Dollars has at some point heard of The Pitman Act. To those, and any collector who does not know, this highly important Act has been loosely understood beyond it's purpose of melting silver dollars into bullion ingots as enacted by Congress and signed into law by then President, Woodrow Wilson. The Pitman Act of 1918 is the subject of this week's blog. Enjoy!

29 Sep 2022

Hidden Gems

Coins-United States | Long Beard

The Commemorative market has been getting warmer over the past few years, rising predominantly in the classics the moderns are riding only. Certain themes and/or designs will always be sought after and their market values set upon this popularity no matter the market trend. Staying with the modern commemoratives (1982 to date), that very question was posed on another coin forum. Due to the growing market, this individual was looking to capitalize on the lowest mintage of the series and surprisingly themes based on popularity seemed to be the replies, only one being of low mintage. So this week's topic looks at one such overlooked candidate while at the same time comparing similarities between the classic and modern series. Enjoy!

17 Sep 2022

Seventy Years

Coins-World | Long Beard

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II the coin collecting hobby will once again witness a change spanning the globe. From the United Kingdom to Canada, Australia to New Zealand. In total, 33 different currency will no longer bear an effigy of a beloved Queen. Both the Bank of England and the Royal Mint have put out statements that current currencies shall remain legal tender, pending a final announcement following the 10 day mourning period. The timing of a change in monarch is without doubt proving challenging. In that, with three months remaining of 2022, the process to implement these mandatory changes to notes, coin and stamps is surely to put tremendous strain on the printing and coining facilities once approved by Royal commission and decree. Most likely these changes will occur in March or April of 2023. So the subject of the week is the process by which currency is redesigned through a Monarch change as occurred with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Enjoy!


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