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30 Oct 2020

Beyond Lincoln

Coins-United States | Long Beard

The Lincoln Cent is the number one collected denomination by series. The number of reasons as to why are quite possibly equal to that of the entire wheat-back design. No matter what that may be from a personal perspective, with almost certainty it has lead towards other denominations and series. For the budget or financially taxed collector the choices narrow considerably. One series, complimenting the Lincoln to near perfection is the Indian Head Cent struck from 1859 through 1909. Enjoy!

23 Oct 2020

Ancestral Coinage

Coins | Long Beard

Before getting to the topic of the week, I feel compelled to share my personally gratitude for those of you who read my blogs and those who reply. As most of you are aware, if not from out right saying as much, the passion I have for all things numismatic become clear in the weekly blogs I write. The numerous kind responses left attest to this. And for that I am truly appreciative and humbled to say the least. Often, I write of subjects which are not up to par, so to speak, and in hindsight that's not a bad thing. There's always a positive to a negative. If ever one feels compelled to correct me, or at times respond with criticism, feel free to air what's truly on your mind. Keep in mind that sarcasm will be graded though. In short, writing is not only a passion but a learning experience. You are the reason for which I do this. And now to this week's blog, the coinage of my island ancestors. Enjoy!

17 Oct 2020

Educational Tools

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Commemoratives and medals. Two distinct sub-categories within the coin collecting hobby which eventually find a home in our collections. Produced to celebrate or honor a place, person, object or event, the primary focus of them becomes historical in nature. Which is largely the reason we as collectors pursue them. In discussing this week's topic, a hot one lately to be certain, and in no manner voicing an opinion one way or another, commemoratives and medals are rapidly becoming the last physical connection to our past. While both are produced for private ownership rather than public exhibition like monuments and statues which serve the same intent, one may no longer assume them safe from assault by those intent on altering or eradicating history. Without them, our past is forgotten. One may only wonder of future commemoratives and medals and how they shall be perceived. Enjoy!

10 Oct 2020

Underlying Potential

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Numismatics, or coin collecting if you prefer, is the the study and acquisition of coinage with an emphasis of enjoyment, more often a passion. Enjoyment in the beauty of design, the history behind it and/or the era in which it circulated. The seemingly endless quest to complete a certain series or grouping for self gratification through accomplishment. At some point along the way, a particular coin or set suddenly rises in value for a variety of reasons. Occasionally without possessing one before this happens and leaves us wishing we'd seen it coming. As a result we begin an attempt to predict that next golden opportunity to buy low sell high while quickly learning the difficulty of foresight. The subject of this week looks a four coins falling under this category which have already begun to show promise while their full potential has yet to occur. Enjoy!

02 Oct 2020

A Modern Classic

| Long Beard

This week's blog looks at one of the most popular coin series collectors opt to purse. The Kennedy half dollar. While there are many books, publications and a variety of online reference material covering the series the focus on this modern classic examines the origin and those responsible for it's creation. Enjoy!

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