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26 Dec 2020

The True Power Behind Coinage

Coins-United States | Long Beard

In an earlier blog this year a discussion on the elimination of denominations that near or exceed their cost to manufacture versus that of face value, this week's blog looks beyond the alternatives at a coin which proved it a reality. Yet failed for reasons few know of. Enjoy!

21 Dec 2020

Roads Traveled

Coins | Long Beard

As a novice writer a rule learned along the way was to not allow the subject to become about the writer. To do so opens the door for arrogance, a sense that one is authoritative and the words become fact. To be certain there are experts in various fields and subjects. Having read many well written books and articles by them, the writer does not enter the readers thoughts but instead remains focused on the content. This above all else makes for a great read. An exception to this rule would be an autobiography, which in a sense this unusual blog may well be considered. Enjoy!

19 Dec 2020

A Purpose Served

Exonumia | Long Beard

War tokens, as they were referred to when issued, have transformed into what the numismatic community calls Civil War tokens. While this title may be aptly appropriate given when they were struck, the subset category bearing merchant name or address seem to fall under the same. Tokens bear a patriotic design, as shown in the first two images. Store cards, while the obverse may be similar to that of tokens, bear the merchant, his goods or services and an address. Being as both served the same purpose it is easy to understand the confusion. Although many in the coin collecting hobby have heard of these, perhaps in their possession, the focus of this weeks blog looks into the origin. Enjoy!

10 Dec 2020

The Collector's Collector.

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Lorin Gilbert Parmelee. When we as collectors think of those before us, the early collectors, his name becomes overlooked at times, replaced by the more prominent such as Brand, Eliasberg and EHR Green to name a few. However, when discussing important collections it becomes essential to learn of "The king of American coins" and the impact on collectors then as now. Moreso, his influence, not only to the wealthy astute collector, but common collector. Although the vast majority, myself included, may not possess a single specimen from his collection, to simply view one is mesmerizing to say the least. Enjoy!

04 Dec 2020

The Erial Mint

Coins-United States | Long Beard

The mint in Erial, New Jersey (1939-54) is one of the least known and most mysterious for the striking of U.S. coins. The simple yet small nondescript structure located a short fifteen miles southeast of Camden housed a single large press. On nearby shelves were multiple sets of die pairs engraved to strike the nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar denominations. With difficulties arising in the striking of dimes, quarters and half dollars, perhaps a few dozen or so of each as trial pieces, this small mint still managed to churn out nearly half a million Jefferson nickels in it's short fifteen years of operation. Enjoy!

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