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14 Mar 2020

By Which Others Are Judged

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In a change from my normal topics and subjects of United States coinage, and there by showing my diverse love of all coinage from around the globe, this weeks deals with Australia. More specifically, the Wedge-tailed Silver Eagle struck between 2014 and 2020 at the Perth Mint. A series sobeautiful and exquisitein design it may quite become the new standardby which others arecompared. Enjoy!

John M. Mercanti, the 12th Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, had been taskedwith designing and engravingthe first silver commemoratives in decades on July 9, 1986 under the Liberty Coin Act signed byPresidentRonald Reagan, The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. At the same time, a new one ounce silver bullion was to commence, the American Silver Eagle who's obverse would bear the Walking Liberty design of Adolph Weinman, whilehis design would encompass the reverse. As this was an immediate hit with the collector community, the world bullion market took notice as this became the standard. A coinmany consider the most beautiful ever designed by the U.S. mint. One onlyneeds to look at the sales of recent and past key dates in the series and the prices realized to see how true that is. To reference an age old quote, all good things must soon end as Mercanti retired from service on December30, 2010.

Yet there is another, the best isstill to come. A quote which proved trueas the Perth Mint of Australia hired him to redesign the reverse of their already popularWedge-tailed Eagle series in 2014. Sensing a direction for which the silver bullion market was heading, the choice of engraver was without doubt the best choice. One look and it's easy to see why collectors world wide are taking notice based on recent sales and themintage figuresof the 2020 design. The 2019 High-relief leaves little in the wayof competition as prices have soared matching and exceeding those of the American Silver Eagle. So will the Wedge-tailed Silver Eagle surpass the American Silver Eagle with a forthcoming redesign?You be the judge.

My personal favorite of the five designs would be that of the one year only 2019. This leaves me to wonder what could have been had the Treasury Departmentdecided to redesign all U.S. coinage. A long overdue and debatable subject indeed.Image hiseagle design on the upcoming Washington Quarter instead of a Delaware Crossing.

On a side note, this series is also available in 2 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz. and gold versions, The U.S.only one ounce.



Level 5

A great representation of the values of its people. I wish the US Mint would get back to representing the values of its people.


Level 6

I'm a big fan of the Australian Wildlife series of coins. They do a fantastic job. The 2 ounces and high relief are amazing. Thanks


Level 5

Nice looking coins. Australia does a nice job. At one time II collected coins from there.


Level 6

Love what other countries are doing in the realm of wildlife depictions on their coins and bullion pieces. The Mint needs to go in a new direction and get rid of its Old Men coins and retread designs. Lets have a new Renaissance in the spirit of Mr. St. Gaudens. Loved the blog and your collection, thank you for sharing, indeed the 2019 is the best of a great lot.


Level 5

Beautiful coins. Recently I have purchased some silver bullion coins from Australia and other countries. Really enjoy the designs and lower mintages. The price for mine, not to much over bullion prices. Will definately be on the lookout for graded certified coins like those in this blog. I enjoy the pegasus coins from British Virgin Islands. I also like the 2 ounce silver versions of a coin. Cant wait for the next coin show to see what is available, or I will be looking online. Thanks for the post.


Level 7

I have enjoyed these many times. I only have gathered of these and the Parks department commen struck in 2016 the wedge tail eagle. They are beautiful. St.Gaudens designed it but it was Mercanti who brought it back to a stunning coin. I felt this was going The way of the American Eagle so i got out. Great blog in some little known coins. I was buying them every year. I should.of kept going . Great blog I enjoyed these. And your information. Thanks Mike

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