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14 Apr 2020

Collection Update- Gold

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The four gold coins I added last year while gold was low. The American Legion set I bought the day of it's release at aearly releaseprice. The three 2016 .999 commemoratives from EBAY near the price of spot, which took some time. Not that I'll ever sell these, the half and quarterare already turninga small profit closing today at $1749.65. I'd call these asolid investment.

Sadly, nothing older likeCoronets or Indians which are always on my list. Just not quite at a price I'mcomfortable with. Ithink of myself as a smart buyerrather than themust have sort since I'm not out to collect a specific series to completion. Where I look to be is just below market average for the grade which is more challenging than first thought. So, that's my goal for this year. Old gold!



Level 5

Nice additions. Gold and silver like the stock market go up and down. However, now that the Federal Reserve is printing so much paper money to keep the economy from total collapse it will not be long before Gold and Silver start to really shine!!!


Level 4

Beautiful coins! Those are fantastic pieces, thank you for sharing! I agree with Golfer, silver seems so low right now, and it will be really interesting to see what happens when it jumps. Happy collecting!


Level 6

Nice buys and a great price. I have the dime. I must say I was disappointed that it is not Full bands. I am getting used to the mint disappointing me. Still a nice coin. Good luck on the old guys.

Long Beard

Level 5

I don't believe any of the Mercury commemoratives are full bands. Or at least none of the hundreds graded I looked at before finding mine. It would be a top story should one surface.


Level 6

I love those 2016 coins, I have the Mercury and Standing Liberty versions but I did not buy the Walker (too much for my paltry budget).


Level 7

Nice pieces. The first thing we learn is no impulse buying. If yor collecting for investment thats one thing. If your collecting because you like the coins and add them to your collection thats another. Beautiful coins. You have a great eye thanks.


Level 5

Great pieces. Always nice to own some gold. I am amazed at the price of gold right now. Looking forward to seeing a 2,000 dollar an ounce price. Silver is so low it seems. Would love to see 30 to 40 dollar silver and its effect on the hobby. Thanks for sharing your gold pieces. Very nice.


Level 5

I really like the American Legion piece. I don't buy much gold but I picked up that one.

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