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29 Aug 2021


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As most of you might agree this summer, and two-thirds of the year, has passed quickly with winter seemingly on the immediate horizon. With that, trying to make preparations as a homeowner with property cuts into an already short supply of time. Like most, the blog posts become farther between and often shorter. With the previous week being a rainy one, time was available to write another interesting blog. However, digging deeper into the research time is again a constraint pushing it back to perhaps next week. So as I scrolled through my messages another topic arose. Libraries. Enjoy!

When we think the word, most likely the first image to appear is that of a local building or school which houses hundreds if not thousands of books on various subjects. Libraries have expanded and evolved with technology into the digital age, any book imaginable available at the click of a button. As numismatists we possess our own in the form of perhaps a dozen books on various coins, varieties/errors, publications or coin related creating a library of our own. Sadly, those traditional halls of knowledge see far less than they use to. So as I read and drank my morning coffee I pondered on these things. Knowledge. We borrow or buy these books to learn. Yet knowledge is not confined to sheets of paper bound in cardboard and leather. True knowledge comes from action and interaction. We learn from doing and through others. So there in lie the true libraries. Each of us and those before. Your's truly has learned more from the members of this organization than any book.


AC coin$

Level 6

Historical references are the most reliable when dealing details within coins and other collectibles. Fine info. THANKS


Level 6

I used to Thanks.love the library. Never knew what you would find. Books are great.


Level 5

Well said and nothing else to add.

It's Mokie

Level 6

My local club has a member presentation every month, that is an outstanding way to add to the library in my head. Thanks for an interesting topic, LB.


Level 6

Great blog! I have also learned a lot from my fellow Numismatists. We need each other to share ideas and information. Libraries are so cool! I remember the "old" libraries... with the book index files. You had to look up everything yourself... no internet help. ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Ah, those memories of the Dewey Decimal System.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Libraries are important. Without them we would live in an informational and cultural void. However, I agree with the thought that I have learned as much from all of us here as I have from books.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Good blog Long Beard...I always buy books accordingly for the coins that I collect and books about the history of the Mint..in all I have probably 15 books besides my collection of red & blue books. I too have learned more over the years from other collectors....whether it be here or different coin forums.


Level 7

I take my magazines and old books to the library. I do that for the yns. The ANA library has 29,000 books . I'm not sure if there operating do to staff. It's nice to read a blog . Thanks.


Level 5

I also have learned so much from fellow numismatists. Learned about areas of collecting that I would probably never of heard about. Now I collect items, I never knew existed before learning about them here. A lot of knowledge and information passes through here to be enjoyed.

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