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06 Jul 2021

Men Who Built America

Exonumia | Long Beard

When people think of the men who built America, as depicted and portrayed in the History Channel program of the same name, likely thoughts instantly turn to Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan, John Rockefeller or any on a long list of inventive pioneers. While this may be true, and quite deserving, the real credit belongs to those forgotten many who did the labor. Those who, by no stretch wealthy, built things with their hands. True craftsman who's pride echoes long since they passing if those of us look close enough. The token referenced along with the title is this week's subject. Enjoy!

The token in question happened to be found while randomly searching a short list of online dealers from whom your's truly makes frequent purchases for the hoard. When uniqueness becomes a factor a quick check on the certification number with the corresponding third party grader is performed to see both the number in the grade and those higher, as well as past auction results. These weigh on the price being asked and what I may or may not offer. In this case, it was a simple certainty to buy without haggling since it is the only one graded at NGC, and in a high grade. It should be noted that, while listed on his brick and mortar website, this particular specimen was auctioned on EBAY, where it was won for the incredibly low price of twenty-six dollars having bid against nine others. Completely taken aback I am stunned at the fact that none of those nine had researched this token, bidding up in small increments while my maximum bid was at one hundred and thirty-seven. Which, all things as mentioned, would have been a very good deal.

The token in question was struck in Philadelphia by J.E. Caldwell & co from an order placed by the Scotch-Irish Society of America for their annual meeting, called congress. This being the second year of their founding in 1899 held June 26, 1890 through July 1 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each congress, like the ANA's World's Fair of Money, were held at different cities across the United States and each presumably had their own token. Since research on these has proven quite difficult, none found outside of this sole NGC example thus far conducting extensive online digging. None of the other grading firms have listings. If that should change in the future, any new information will be updated on the My Collections page.

In conclusion, the author is one who believes everything has it's purpose. It's place and reason why suchthingsfind us. This token was sold by a dealer in New York City and shipped to Pittsburgh. A fellow member, to whom I am both humbled and grateful to know through our almost daily chats resides near New York City. Probably the exact same distance from downtown as I which would not be coincidental. So this one is from him to myself. I am thrilled beyond words that it found me.



Level 5

Wow! What a deal. That is a very nice looking token!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Just goes to show that the squirrel with the best nut map always survives the longest. Or something like that. Great find LB, thanks for sharing.


Level 6

Wow! You got the deal of the century! It's beautiful! ; )


Level 5

Awesome find and deal. Very nice for sure.


Level 6

Amazing shape on this baby. It looks like it should be a restrike. Man those other people really lost out. Good for you. I agree that your high bid would have been an outstanding deal. Glad it came to you. Thanks.


Level 7

I great token at any price. I can tell you that the nine did not know what they were bidding on. If they did the price would of been higher. I think it's beautiful and will be e to find these my self. Or at least look into them. Thank you for a heart felt blog!!

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