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23 Oct 2022

Over the rainbow

| Long Beard

As a collector of many, many years and amassing as many complete series of United States coinage, the seemingly inevitable crossroads of where to proceed within this area of coin collecting. Meaning, that after forty-five plus years I'm left only with one or two major key dates going back into the mid to late 1800's.Not wishing to stop the hoard from continued expansion world coinage became the growing focus. However, a passion for coins of my country continually lingers. So to satisfy such a strong desire I decided to pursue toned Jefferson nickels. Why the Jefferson and not say something silver such as the Washington quarter or Franklin Half, or perhaps the copper Lincoln cent? There is just something about the Jefferson and the manner in which nickel as a metal tones natural over time and the environment from which it has witnessed. And this is the topic of the week's blog. Enjoy!

As mentioned in a few previous member blogs, yesterday was the conclusion of yet another fantastic Pennsylvania Association of Numismatics (PAN) show, the final of the two for this year. Not only had I finally met another ANA member face to face, who by the way is exactly as you would envision, I had yet another opportunity to befriend several national dealers. For without them the hobby would most certainly become unrecognizable. So to ensure the survival of brick and mortal dealers who have traveled many miles paying the prices asked without haggling would be only fair looking at the whole picture. In the end, a great bond is established. And this is the reward.

On to the Jefferson Nickel. As mentioned in the opening, nickel as a metal has a unique manner in which it tones. While most tend to exhibit a golden to red shade, blues and lavenders do on occasion appear which are truly stunning to behold. Eight in total were obtained from different dealers, three of which are shown in the images. Once more my apologies for the lack of better photography, but the 1949d would be my person best of the lot. A wonderful blue shade with a hint of violet around the rim, evenly toned on both obverse and reverse. As to the the 1938's, both appear to have been from the same previous collector as the shading is nearly identical. Buying and searching for these can not go without thanking Longstrider. While I've always had a fascination with toned coinage, collecting them only began after the encouragement given without knowing and the beautiful specimens he himself is caring for. This among other things is what ANA members bring to the hobby. And they are truly, truly appreciated far more than one knows.

Here's the new addition to the hoard. 1938, 1938s, 1939, 1939d, 1940d, 1947, 1949d Jefferson nickels (all of which would grade MS64 minimum, some with four and five steps), an extra-fine 1934s Peace dollar, 1965 Ireland Florin and 1966 Ireland Shilling. I also discussed purchasing an 1896 PCGS PF66 Barber dime- with outstanding rainbow toning like on a Morgan- for $1200 from Mike Olsen of Bar Harbor Coin in Maine. A coin way under valued.


Doug S.

Level 4

Very nice and a great idea!! Regards Doug

It's Mokie

Level 6

I was able to meet with Bama and worked the whole show with Golfer so it was a fantastic show for that reason alone. I was talking to MIKE today on the phone and wondering how much fun we would have if we and many others on this blogville ever had a chance to break bread together. If we be the greatest gathering since Woodstock but with coins instead of guitars. I found a great encased nickel at the PAN show, I will show it off on a future blog.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

It was quite a pleasure to meet you at the show! Congratulations on your pickups and I enjoyed this blog. I'll show off my haul later in the week after I get a little more rested up

AC coin$

Level 6

Great nickel and blog, good to see 1938.


Level 6

Is it time to start up Toner Tuesday again? Thanks for the shout out Long Beard. I hope you enjoy these beauties. Not the easiest series to find toned. You sure have a good eye and a lot of patience. carry on.


Level 7

You have A nice haul from the show. Good for you!. They do look nice! The ones that timed I was told there matted coins. Sure enough some dates in the nickel set do that. A light blue or gold hue! Nothing heavy. Congratulations!!


Level 4

Wow, a nice haul from the PAN show. Some interesting pieces for sure. The nickel attraction is interesting though. But, I couldn’t agree more about the uniqueness of the coin, and it’s metallic make up. It does tone quite beautifully. Good look finishing your toned series.


Level 4

Great blog about some super nice coins! I love toning most of the time, although some isn’t complimentary to the coin. Yours look great!


Level 6

Great collection! I'm a big fan of toned coins too. These are really nice. Interesting colors on the Jefferson Nickels. Thanks for sharing these LB ; )


Level 4

Beautiful toned collection! I have been looking to get a toned coin for a while. Great blog!

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