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12 Apr 2020

Those Challenging Seated Liberties

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As a new ANA member, new in the sense that I joined December 28, 2019, thus far I've neglected to share with you any of my personal collection through blogs or posts. As this had not been by intent, this weeks blog touches with just that. A Seated Liberty Dime purchased this morning from David Lawrence to further add towards completion of an extremely challenging series. Especially with an eye towards consistency from beginning to end. While the single coin image is that provided by Mr. Lawrence, I need to further my close-up photography skills for future posts. None the less, this is the overall look across the series.

As you willnotice from the four album pages of Air-tite holders I am now thirty-three short of a completed series which I began in 2015 following a near completion of the Barber series. Which was completed in 2018 with the final coin,an 1895o. For those unaware from my previous posts, I collect primarily raw coins buying graded examples only when the right one appears at the right price or to guarantee authenticity. Some may indeed label my style of collecting risky at best with all the counterfeits in the market place. To rectify this I have immersed myself in series specific books by some well known authors on each subject. I alwaysmatch those in question with genuine examples, using NGC or PCGS if unable to do so in hand. Most importantly, I tend to stay with reliable dealers or sellers I've dealt with. While an expert by no means, followingthese basic rules Ifeel quite competent in my ability to buy raw.

So, why did I buy a cleaned coin? For starters, for the type of collections I'm assembling details grading becomes irrelevant.The pictured 1840o, for example,has the looks of a very fine.Plenty of detail and aneven tonewith surfaces resembling normal circulation, no major damage or pitting. To be certain, this is a somewhat easy to find datein it's natural state. For twice the money. For the person who bought an 1885 Red Indian Head Cent, I would say that it was cleaned. To have survived as long it almost positivelywas coated with lacquer or something similar to preserve the color. Because the third party graders remove it, it becomes "conserved". By definition that is cleaned. So in my view, cleaned on a slab or raw becomes questionable. Harshly cleaned, I steer clear of despite the price or where it falls within a series as to a key or semi-key date.

My goal is to assemble a complete collection of business strike United States coinage by date and mint mark. Being a realist, this is not going to happen in my life time. My heir, who sharesthe same passion,has been given instructions to continue where I leave off. As you will see in future blogs I am well over 1/3 there, minus the gold and varieties, of a circulation grade collection. Although I do have several of these. Thoughts and comments are always appreciated. With thisblog I expect some negativity. Like coins, sarcasm will be graded.



Level 5

You have an excellent approach to collecting. Thanks for sharing it with us. You show a really nice collection!


Level 6

Great blog. I love the personal goals. I also have no problem with a details coin. I always found it interesting that a TPG conserved coin is not considered cleaned. I also like the coin air tites. Thank you.


Level 5

You'll get no sarcasm from me! The goal you have that crosses generations is a lofty one. I can think of no better legacy for your heirs than to continue your collection that is a third of the way there. As to details-graded coins, I'll buy them if the cost of a full grade is very prohibitive.

Very Nice Collection!


Level 6

That is a great collection LB, I hope you're able to make it to PAN later this year and add a piece or two.


Level 7

I have one from the CC mint. The only one i have. Great blog im a history nut and its interesting. As far as putting a set together i know exactily what you mean. I have many sets however the one you have heard of before. Its the P.Kempson Coventry set 19 beautiful tokens 223 years old. It took five years. I had contacted every auction house there was. I refused to give up. Members went to shows looking for what i needed. They didnt find any but when i was ready to give up they pushed me on. It took five years and two years for the last. All MS 63 to 66. RB Proof like. So dont give up. When you get that last one wow . Now thats great feeling.


Level 5

Nice collection and quite a challenge. The challenge is fun though. Thanks for posting.


Level 3

Very very true.

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