1689 Ireland Gun Money Shilling (Jan)

14 Jun 2021

Consisting of bronze, and with quite certainty that of used cannon or church bell, hence the name. Coins struck during the two years (1689-90) of Edward II's exile in Ireland, waging war against England to reclaim the throne, were stamped with a month-located below the crown on the reverse- as a method of paying interest to the loyal troops under his leadership upon a victory.



Level 4

Cool coin. Great info. Thanks.


Level 7

That's a beauty of a coin I would love to read about it. How did I mis this?

Doug S.

Level 4

Wow that s great! Awesome coin and fantastic back story! Regards Doug


Level 5

Great coin, and what a bargain.

Long Beard

Level 5

What I find baffling, I paid $128.50 from a dealer in Ashland, MA. PCGS shows only seven total on the population report, four being higher. Knowing this, that was an outstanding price since another sold at a Whytes Auction in London back in February grading an EF40 for $2646 EU plus commission. So in all honesty, this one would likely bring a bit more if sold abroad. Not bad if one does a little research before buying.


Level 6

I like that. I don't believe I have ever seen one before. I have read about them. Thanks.


Level 6

Beautiful coin! Great condition... 1689! Amazing! ; )

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