Australian Wedge-tailed Series

13 Jun 2021

The Perth Mint series bearing the reverse designs of world-renowned and former United States Chief Engraver, John Mercanti.



Level 5

Very nice coins from Australia. Would love to have some of them.


Level 7

I bought a bunch and realized as great as they are this was going to be a continuous series.. I'm to old for a 30 year set. As much as I want it . This set is great for everyone but those of us of a certain age. Congradulations on a a very good set.

Long Beard

Level 5

Me too! But I began this one to transfer over to my niece since she collects world and ancient. I know she'll continue it.


Level 5

Wow! Nice coins. You should start a registry set with those. (if you haven't already)

Long Beard

Level 5

On both NGC and PCGS, I'm not really that concerned with the registry although they are listed as such. I began these for my 17 year old niece who collects.


Level 6

I'm jealous. I love that series but don't have many. I wonder why.


Level 6

Wow! Impressive collection! Aren't they beautiful... We must have good taste in coins, as I also have a smaller collection of Wedge-Tailed Eagles. ; )

Those coins look nice!

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