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09 May 2022

Leprosy coins: an (almost) unknown numismatic phenomenon

Odd & Curious Money | Coleccionistas de Monedas

Leprosy is perhaps the most feared disease in history, reported in millenary texts and universally popularized by its numerous mentions in the Bible. However, although this bacillus is not transmitted by contact but through the airways when breathing, coughing, or talking, different countries minted coins for prophylactic purposes since the early twentieth century for the exclusive use of leprosaria located in their territory.

22 Apr 2022

The 8 reales: the history of the 1st international coin that gave rise to almost all the world's currencies

Coins-United States Colonial | Coleccionistas de Monedas

More than a currency, the "Spanish dollars" were the basis of the American national currencies: the multiple Latin "pesos" and the U.S. "dollar" are successors of a Spanish currency whose respect transcended the great differences between societies of its time.

09 Jul 2021

Javier Mercado - Editor in www.coleccionistasdemonedas.com

Coins-United States | Coleccionistas de Monedas

Hi, I'm Javier Mercado, happy editor of coleccionistasdemonedas.com, a digital magazine specializing in U.S. coins, such as Quarters, Pennies, Dimes,etc... I'm BA in History and BS in Computer Science, write in several digital media specialized in collecting, auctions and antiques reviews. Thanks for reading ;-)

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