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07 Oct 2020

Doolittle Tokyo Raiders US Mint Medal update

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[UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I added two photos of the actual medal as delivered from the US Mint. It really is as good as the picture of it on the Mint's website.]

I received my Doolittle Tokyo Raiders 3" medal in the mail last week.

The US Mint 3" medal comes packaged in a small cardboard box just large enough for the large, hefty medal, held shut with folding wire loops. When you unbend the loops, the box opens clam-shell style, and inside you will find a 3" medal enclosed in a tough clear plastic bag, and two small pieces of plastic stamped "US MINT" that create a display stand when assembled. This box was packed with some padding material inside a larger shipping box (still small enough to fit in a regulation post-mounted roadside mailbox). It actually shipped from a fulfillment center in Tennessee.

It's absolutely gorgeous. I'd post a new photo of it but I'm not taking it out of the sealed bag, so it won't look any better than the mint photo. It is a handful for a medal. [UPDATE: I couldn't resist, I added two photos.]

The little clear plastic stand is a convenience for displaying and practical if you intend to put it behind glass in a display case; but to be honest, this medal deserves something a little more distinctive. Had I shopped around the Mint store a little more, I would have realized that they sold official US Mint presentation boxes (the velvet velour clam shell things). I did not order one of those. Now I hate to pay shipping again to order one separately. If you order a medal, be advised, the presentation cases do not come with it, you must order one separately if you want one.

I'm very glad I ordered one, especially before the price jumps up in January. Had I not ordered one now, I probably never would have bought one, except second-hand at a coin shop or show. I have a feeling that's how most sales of these will occur after January 1. Maybe it will raise the price for them in the secondary market, which will be good for anyone wanting to sell one.



Level 5

Really great looking medal. Tells one heck of a story.


Level 6

Beautiful medals! Thanks for a great blog ; )


Level 6

It's very beautiful.


Level 4

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I couldn't resist, I added two photos of the actual medal I received from the Mint, so you could see what it looks like in my hand and that it really is as good as the Mint's picture of it. It is still sealed in the plastic bag which you can see in my photos.


Level 5

Awesome medal ! Ships and airplanes on a medal are always a good thing. Appeals to a lot of collectors. Thanks for posting. Always want to hear about purchases from the mint and how the coin or medal are.


Level 5

Beautiful medal with a fascinating history... Thanks for sharing.... Cheers, NM


Level 6

Beau9tiful medal,;. Historic,

I can't imagine how those men must've felt before they landed and took off day after day. A medal is the least they deserve.


Level 5

Great medal. I may have to buy one as well before the price jump.

It's Mokie

Level 6

One of the great accomplishments in aviation history and a feather in the cap of Naval Aviation even though all the bombers and crew were AAF. To strike a blow against Imperial Japan even before we had retaken a single island shows the imagination of the planners and the heroism of Dolittle's force. I need to get this one myself before the price becomes crazy high.


Level 5

Yes, I am getting one as well. The projected cost increases are only going to hurt the U.S. Mint. Their sales are down and this seems to be their answer, to raise prices at increasingly large percentages. Anyway, I love the Medal and thanks for the Blog! Later!


Level 7

That was one of the most daring raids of WWII. The design is terrific. It brings us more of our history. To fly that low so the radar would not pick you up That was dangerous enough. Enjoy it . And thanks for sharing.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great medal, thanks for sharing

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