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30 Aug 2020

Absorbing a Loss through Numismatics and Friendship

| Well worn Copper

Early last month my wife of 37 years passed away due to cancer. Because of this I've been absent from much of my blog activity, which has always been something I enjoyed. Now that things have settled down and I find myself in a writing mode once again, I have a few collecting-related stories to share. A few days before she died, we went over certain things she wanted done with the funds expected from the insurance policies she held. After paying off any debt (mortgage,etc), monetary gifts to our children, and which charities to contribute to, she mentioned that she expected me to buy myself "some nice things" as well. "Nice things" always meant coins. It was how I shopped "for her" every Christmas when it came to picking out something for myself. Although her mind had seriously begun to drift near the end, she still remembered how I had sold off some of my collection (particularly my gold pieces) back when we purchased our 1st home back in 1985. So after a hiatus of many years I now have gold represented back in my collection. I also planned to tie up, or at least come close, to completing my set of classic silver commemoratives from 1892-1954. But after filling in a few holes (Vancouver, Missouri) I found I couldn't' pull the trigger when it came to the 1915 Panama-Pacific half. I never really liked the design, and almost everything I could find had been cleaned, and I have always been unable to purchase a "problem' coin, no matter what it was. So the commem set remains open, along with the3 big guns (Hawaii, Spanish Trail, and Hudson). I also found that despite being able to finally afford certain pieces that I had become just as picky. Nothing I bought was rash, and I still did my homework. What really helped though was having numismatics there when I really needed something to fill the odd and available hours after spending the last 18 months assisting to her needs. Belonging to an organization such as the ANA helped too. And although I haven't been involved with the blog recently, I still checked in and listened to (and enjoyed) reading your conversations. I would have really loved to travel and attend a ANA-related convention as well, but cant' be done, so being back here, with all of you, my "yet to be met" friends, really means a lot.



Level 4

Nice gold coins.

Thanks to all, it's good to be back again.


Level 5

So sorry for your loss. During times like this comfort can be found in our hobbies, as you know.

I'm glad that this site can help you through such a terrible time in your life. Those new gold additions are going to be the coins with the most memories attached. Keep doing what you do best.


Level 6

My deepest sympathy WWC, I know I speak for all of us when I say we are here for you. Thank You for sharing your story.


Level 5

Condolences to you and your family. Would be fantastic to meet you sometime. Hopefully next year we will have some coin shows and be able to atrend. Classic commemoratives are a great area of numismatics. I need to start looking at the classic commemoratives and find a couple nice ones.


Level 5

I am sorry that our first communication is during a time like this. When I was 40 I too lost my wife to Cancer. It is never easy and you cope but never forget. Hang in there and welcome back.


Level 5

Words cannot express the sorrow you feel over the loss of someone you love. My prayers are certainly with you and your family. There is something different about coins and coin people that is like a salve to an open wound.

Doug S.

Level 4

So sorry for your loss. My condolences to you. Regards Doug


Level 6

I am so, so sorry. I can't even imagine how a loss as major as that must feel. I will be praying for her as well as you and your family. It is nice to have this hobby to loose yourself in if only for a short while. I wish you luck in all your pursuits. It must be nice to know she is watching over you and guiding you. You are able to do as she wished. God bless you my friend. Whatever you may need, you know where I am. John


Level 5

Sorry for your loss. You have many friends at this website.


Level 7

My friend I am so sorry at the loss of your wife.. You will always have the memorys. She will be watching over you. I will say a prayer for her. This is a tragedy for you. But your strong and I know you will bounce up back from this. I hope things come together for you and the family. Coins at this point is secondary. But from my experience you will get back on your feet. Coins will help. This site will help and the people will help. Take care. Mike

Long Beard

Level 5

To honor the time spent with your best friend in life by pursuing your secondary passion is immeasurable. With that, your choices in coinage were well chosen.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

First please let me express how sorry I am to learn about your loss. I can't imagine what that must be like and I dread the time if it should come to me. Yes a hobby like this can give us something to hold on to when everything else isn't working or making sense anymore. I hope you get your four commemoratives in the condition you want them in. Mike


Level 5

Sorry for your loss. Come back to us anytime. We are ready to help.

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