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21 Jul 2021

Christmas In July - NGC Re-Holders

| Well worn Copper

It always feels like Christmas when you receive your NGC submissions back. I received mine today, 57 days after sending them out, but always worth the wait. All 15 submissions were simple re-holders. I thought that since the entire submission was re-holders that my order would be sped up, but like everyone else I had to wait in line. I don't like the old holders that hug or "constrict" the coin, and prefer the edge-view holders which allow the coin to stand out by itself. Most of the coins in this submission were foreign, or World, as NGC states on the paperwork. I also included a 1936 York commemorative half dollar because it was the only coin in my Classic Commem Series set that wasn't in an edge-view. An interesting point when submitting NGC pieces for re-holder is you can mix U.S. coins with World on the same submission form (and the only time you will get away with it). Quite a few of the old holders had appearance issues with them, such as scratches and old adhesive residue. It seems Heritage Auctions typically stuck a label with the lot number on the back of the slab. This is unattractive and harder to peel off the longer it remains there. Not sure if they still do it, but I hope Heritage stops. The bulk of the re-holders were world patterns. I have yet to crack into U.S. patterns because of the prices, but world patterns are much more affordable and just as interesting. Three of the pieces were 1996 Romania Olympic patterns in copper and brass ring-nickel center. One was a piefort, which you could never see in the old holder, but looks stunning in it's new holder. In the end, I chalked this submission up to collection maintenance, although I'm sure the new attractive holders will help when I sell them in the future. Re-holdering a NGC coin costs $12 per slab, and it's worth maxing out the submission form's 15 pieces when you think about it. Either way, I'm glad to have my babies back after two months.



Level 6

So glad that you are happy with the outcome and that you received your coins back safe and sound! That medals look beautiful! ; )


Level 5

Oh, it is so nice (and sometimes scary) to see an NGC box in the mail. Those look great.


Level 5

Any time you receive coins in the mail it's fantastic. Really nice to have them put in nice new holders.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Definitely Christmas in July. Thanks for sharing the joy!!!


Level 5

Nice coins!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds expensive to do that if you have a lot you want to change out.


Level 7

Great coins. NGC has a program with copper coins. Every ten years they have to be resubmitted for new slab! You were right to send them in. They look great ! Enjoy them. They look really good!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Really? Is that a free service?

Long Beard

Level 5

I like the new NGC true view style, with a slightly opaque ring not much lager than the coin inside without the four "fingers". Wow I like those medals! Horses get my attention almost as quickly as a nice looking woman.

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