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04 Feb 2018

Collecting Vintage Wooden Scrip

| Well worn Copper

Here are a few photos of some of wooden scrip in my collection. Wood scrip differs from wooden nickels. Wood scrip is about the size of a lottery ticket and wafer thin. Both sides contain information pertaining to the event, typically a local centennial-type celebration, and they usually held value at one time. The 1949 Malden, Massachusetts scrip, for instance, was valued at "five wooden nickels' or 25 cents, and was redeemable at any Malden bank until 2:30PM on Friday June 17, 1949.  The other piece pictured is from the 1970 Loganville, Pennsylvania sesquicentennial and was valued at $1. Wood scrip is an interesting alternative to wooden nickels, and contains much more information, thanks to the size. They appear to have been silk-screened. I do not know of any reference books pertaining to wooden scrip, but would one day enjoy seeing one. Apparently someone named John B. Rogers of Fostoria, Ohio produced them and held a copyright as of 1938. Early examples were born out of the 1933 Bank Holiday when cash was scarce, and emergency scrip in the form of clamshells and other medium was used. Typical examples of 1938-1980 wood script can be found for $1 and up. Happy hunting!


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is really cool, thanks for sharing


Level 4

had no idea "wooden scrip" was even a thing - very cool info - thank you for the post


Level 6

I guess anything we say is money, is money! Thanks. New one for me!!


Level 5

My local club has a member that is a big wooden nickel collector. In addition he collects these. In my opinion they are more interesting than the nickels. Thanks for sharing.


Level 4

Never heard of these. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

I've seen a few of these researching my coin book. I think there were many issues during the Depression. Interesting.


Level 5

Wood script is really not that common. It is over shadow by "wooden nickels" thanks for the nice photos.


Level 6

These are really interesting! I've never seen one before. Thanks for the information. I really enjoyed your blog and photo's!


Level 7

Interesting never seen these. This is a first for me thanks for putting them up. Never had idea they even made them. That's alot for the information and the pictures food for thought. I enjoyed this. Mike.

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