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31 May 2017

Eric P. Newman Book - Signed Hardbound Edition

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Just looking thru my library today, and will be posting some of my unusual volumes.  Back in 2015 I pre-ordered "Truth Seeker, The Life of Eric P. Newman." The book was issued to coincide with the multiple auctions at the time which dispersed Mr. Newman's lifelong collection. As far as I knew the book was softcover, but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find I had a limited edition hardcover, signed by Mr. Newman. Felt like I had won the lottery! 
The signed bookplate states it is number 95 of 250. As said, I didn't pay anything extra to get the edition. Wondering if anyone else has one, and if they received it the same way? 


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

amazing. that is really cool


Level 5

I have the regular paperback addition. I would have bought this edition if I had known about it.


Level 6

That's a great find. He is one of my numismatic heroes. Interesting family what with the "Witch of Wall Street" mom and all. I am lucky enough to have a few of his pieces I won at auction. One of the few times I enjoy the label. They are attributed to him and Col. Green. Thanks!!


Level 6

Eric Newman is Numismatic Treasure.


Level 6

What a find! Didn't he just celebrate his 106th birthday?


Level 5

Wow!! What a great book to own. I sure missed it. Your are a lucky collector.


Level 7

Sorry I missed out on that one. You got an excellent deal if I my so. One book I know you will enjoy. I forgot the number on how much the auctions took in. I can tell you I was not a bidder. That will be nice in your library. Congratulations on a very good pick up. Mike

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