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02 Aug 2021

Fantasy Coinage

| Well worn Copper

I occasionally like to take a left turn and go down untraveled roads, always hoping to be surprised. One area of collecting that is always different involves fantasy coins. While wandering around the internet I discovered a small private family-run mint in Arkansas called Shire Post Mint. They engrave their own dies and strike their own coin and medals. What's interesting is they strike them on vintage coin presses, and even have a couple of old screw presses around. From the looks of it, I'd like to work there for a week or two. They have their hand in quite a few things, such as fantasy coins, medals, keychains and jewelry. Their fantasy coinage looked interesting and I picked up a set of fantasy Nouvelle-France (New France) pieces. The back story being if King Louis XIV did more with the Louisiana territory, that this is what his coinage could have possibly looked like. What makes them cool is they're struck one at a time using hand engraved dies, so they even look from the period. I have a few fantasy pieces from Daniel Carr's Moonlight Mint as well. Fantasy coinage is fun and interesting, but I strictly keep to copper pieces. Silver and gold pieces can get pricey, and there's no real aftermarket here. As I said before, this is just a fun diversion, but not an investment. Enjoy.



Level 6

Very cool blog! I'll be going to the Shire Post Mint and check them out! Thanks ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Over the years these have found their way into my collection. As such, it's always fascinated me at how some people keep the original methods of coinage alive in a modern world. So an excellent topic!


Level 6

Sounds very interesting


Level 5

Cool thanks for sharing this! Making coins must be super fun!


Level 5

Interesting! I would love to make my own coins!


Level 5

Nice blog! Sounds interesting.... Thanks!

It's Mokie

Level 6

They seem to do some quality work. I am also into Daniel Carr's stuff, have four of his Peace Dollars and a few other odds and ends. Strangely enough the Carr material seems to bring good prices on Ebay although they are controversial and will elicit a lot of negative comments if they are mentioned in polite numismatic circles.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Living in my own sovereign nation, I see the need for some coinage for us!


Level 7

There are allot of these throughout the country . He has allot of boxes in the background. I would like to go threw those. Many clubs get there club coins at places like this. Thanks.!


Level 6

I too am a fan of Daniel Carr and his Moonlight Mint. I'll be checking these guys out. If I buy anything I will definitely credit you to them. Thanks.


Level 5

Would love a press to make medals, or fantasy coins. Looks like fun. Could make medals for coin club !

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