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09 May 2021

International Nickel Pattern and an NGC Crossover

| Well worn Copper

A few months ago I purchased a 1964 International Nickel Company private pattern. International Nickel was a private company that made a noteworthy effort to try to secure different alloy compositions from the U.S. Mint during the 1965 change from silver coinage to clad. They went as far to secure the services of former chief engraver Gilroy Roberts, who engraved a highly professional obverse and reverse design for presentation purposes. In the end International Nickel's efforts were in vain, and the mint went with their own cupronickel composition. While these pieces are officially private patterns,they make up part of the pattern story from the 1960's, and are quite affordable compared to official mint struck patterns. This piece was encapsulated by ANACS when purchased and graded MS64. The slab was undersized, and when stored in a NGC storage box, seemed to disappear. I sent it in to NGC for a crossover and when it came back it not only looked better, but they had graded it a MS66! Needless to say, the crossover fee was well worth it. NGC also included Burdette numbers on the slab, while ANACS had listed the old Pollock numbers. Andrew Pollock's pattern book came out int he 1990's, Burdette's book was published in 2019, and is superior as well as a great read. (The title is: Private Pattern and Related Pieces: International Nickel & Gould Incorporated by Roger W. Burdette) All International Nickel pieces are scarce, and expect to pay somewhere between $300-450. Until I someday obtain an official U.S. Mint pattern, this one will do nicely.



Level 4

Great story for the coin and the re-grading.


Level 5

Great pick up! I resemble Longstrider's remarks. I also own the Peace dollar book by Roger Burdette, and he does the research on the topic justice for sure! Nice looking coin !


Level 4

Nice photo!


Level 6

Beautiful coin! Nice Crossover grade! Good job! ; )


Level 6

I never heard of this company or it's efforts. Cool looking pattern. Burdette is a nice guy and a great author in my opinion. He sent me a autographed copy of one of his books. an author of a must have Peace dollar book and many others. Thanks, great to learn something new.


Level 5

Amazing coin, it looks great! I have never even heard of this coin! Thanks for teaching me something new!


Level 7

Great coin. Take care of it and thanks for sharing the information!


Level 5

Very nice history. Really like this kind of coinage. thanks

Long Beard

Level 5

Now that's one which escaped me. I took an interest in pattern specimens sometime after high school in the late eighties buying a seventh edition copy of Abe Kosoff's United States Patterns, Experimental Pieces and Trial Pieces (Originally by J. Hewett Judd). Since then I had always assumed that all of the patterns by the mint were covered there in. So it looks as though I'll be getting a new book. Roger Burdette is a fine researcher/author, owning a few of his works. Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

the coin looks nice! great piece of obscure Numismatic History.

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