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31 May 2017

Modern World Coins by R.S. Yeoman (1964 Edition)

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Some of my books are purely sentimental. "A Catalog of Modern World Coins 1850-1964 (8th edition) by R.S. Yeoman", is one of them. I discovered this volume in my hometown library of Yardville, N.J. back around 1969. The library was a small off-shoot branch, and only had two rooms, but as far as I was concerned it held all the books in the world. It introduced my 8 year old imagination to world issues and fascinated me to no end. R.S. Yeoman wrote it and Whitman published it. (Yeoman must have never slept! He was always working on something.) The book is by no means rare (far from it) and I found it for about $5 including shipping. But it remains amongst my treasured volumes and never fails to take me back to a simpler age. (Like an old girlfriend.) As for valuations, I include a page listing a St. Gauden's $20 Gold Piece for $75. Read em and weep.


Conan Barbarian

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more amazing books

I love the old "story books" about coins and coin collectors, such as Counterfeiting in Colonial America, The Day They Shook the Plum Tree and Money of Their Own. The newer books are probably more accurate, but tend to be more "scientific." While the science of coins is important, I will become much more absorbed in the stories of history of a coin and who owned or used it than in knowing that the coins is 89.5% silver and has a mintage of 3,450,277.


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Very cool. Not sure why I don't have a copy of this. I try to pick up any English language books on world coins that I find. I just bought a world coin book printed in the 1890's with embossed color plates.


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Looks like a great old book. We got a few nice old ones from Grandpa. I love old books. It does go back in time. Thaks!!


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I notice a bar code on the cover. Is the bar code from the library?


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The World Catalog was a very popular book in the 60's


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Copper - That is awesome - it is great to look @ the "read 'em & weep" price points - - i do the same thing - lol - thank you


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I have fond memories of that book. It was my first guidebook to foreign coins, & I had quite a few. Wish I still had mine. Thanks for this!


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If you slow down a bit more people will see your blog. The faster you write them and we don't want you to stop. But they fall of the activity page and less people will know about your blogs. It's the bad part of the system. Keep on writing I love books and want more to see the great books. Just some advice it's up to you. But I'm sure more coll would love to see them there great. Thanks Mike.


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You have a great library I'm impressed.Mike.

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