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23 Jan 2021

Nearing the Summit: My Silver Classic Commemorative Collection

| Well worn Copper

This past week I pulled the trigger and purchased a 1935 Hudson half dollar and a 1935 Old Spanish Trail half as well. Both are considered semi-key in the classic silver commemorative series with mintages at only 10,008 each. Both were also MS64, although the OST issue was encapsulated in an old blue ANACS slab, which to tell the truth is damn ugly, and will be soon heading out to NGC for a makeover. With these two additions I am within one coin, the elusive 1928 Hawaiian, for completion of a silver classic commemorative type series. Aside from a complete Sacajawea Dollar series (to date) I've never really completed a set of anything in all my years of collecting, so this is quite an accomplishment for me. By a "Type set" I am talking about an example of each and every design, but not complete year sets, such as the eight years of Oregon Trail issues. But both Arkansas designs are included, as well of a few others which I've always considered part of the classic series. These include the Swedish 2 Kroner issued alongside the 1936 Delaware issue, as well the three-coin Philippine Commonwealth issue from 1936. (I've never really liked the 1925 Norse medal, and don't include it because it isn't a coin.) All in all, everything so far totals out to about $13,000, and I still have to get the Hawaiian! As for the 1935 Hudson, I've never really liked the design and Chester Beach has done much better things, but to complete a set you've got to bite a few bullets. What I also know is sometimes you have to wait for "your coin" to finally come around. As an example, I passed up plenty of 1900 Lafayette dollars and 1915 Panama pacific issues which had been cleaned before finally buying a problem-free piece. I now wait for the funds for a Hawaiian issue to materialize before I can finally mount the summit (I feel like Sir Edmund Hillary on Everest!). And after that, then what? Luckily, there's always something else to do in numismatists . See ya at the top!



Level 4

Nice job. That must have taken a lot of work


Level 6

Amazing job. Well done. How many years have you been at this? Good luck on the final piece. Thanks.


Level 5

That is a set that I have considered as well. A very historic and artistic series. I have picked up pieces here and there but nothing close to a set.


Level 5

Nice work! I go through the same thing, as in waiting and passing down a lot of coins to wait for the right coin and deal. But it isn't easy. Thanks for sharing!


Level 7

There is nothing so satisfying as completing a very hard set. You have to have a passion to do this. My hat is of to you. Congragulations. I bought hundred slab metal box with foam inside. I believe I bought it at Amos. Com. I needed a few. But it would be great to have this set in one place with the best protection possible. I agree about the ANACS holder.. I put a set together five years. . These are beautiful coins. NGC or.PCGS holders the plastic will scratch the slabs. And they all fall out . These are when coins were made the right way. There all classics .Thanks for sharing this set. Wonderful!!


Level 4

Very amazing to see all those classics all next to each other. i have a few, but only select ones. hope you get that Hawaiian soon!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Thats an impressive collection. I love the classic commemoratives.

walking liberty

Level 4

holy moly you are loaded


Level 1

That's awesome!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Spectacular! I bow in awe for your accomplishment.... Cangratulations! I aspire to the same goal some day, but that is a long way off


Level 6

Very cool! Wow...amazing collection! Great job ; )


Level 5

Congratulations on a great collection. I've always wondered why prices seem reasonable for commemoratives with such low mintages? I now own a couple of the older commemoratives myself. A 2019-S ASE reverse enhanced, goes for a grand in 69 grade and 2 grand in 70 ! This with a mintage of 30,000. V75 Eagle goes for 350 in Grade69 and 500+ in Grade 70. Mintage 75,000. A collection of the older commemoratives is quite an accomplished. I will pick up a couple more good ones !!


Level 5

Very nice! Amazing collection, good work! Cya 'round!


Level 5

That represents some serious time, effort, love & cash, wowser! Sweet collection!

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