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27 Dec 2020

New 2021 Quarter Reverse Announced

| Well worn Copper

The U.S. Mint released photos of the new 2021 quarter reverse on Christmas day. It will feature Washington crossing the Delaware and will be the sole reverse change until something new comes along, although quite a few collectors are betting on changes when the 2026 sesquicentennial rolls around. I have to say it's a nice looking design. Take note the original uncluttered pre-1999 obverse design has returned. I would have liked to see a new obverse rendition of Washington included (such as Laura Fraser's) or from any of the mint's new artist's, but perhaps I'm asking too much. I'd also like to see additional changes on other U.S. coinage soon, such as revamping the tired reverse of the Jefferson nickel (the one dimensional view of Monticello is monotonous) and a new reverse on the Kennedy half dollar as well as the Roosevelt dime. They do in for the Sacajawea dollars, so why not others?



Level 4

I like it. I liked most of the ATB designs too.

I have to say this reverse is incredible. I would love to see a higher-relief portrait of these made.


Level 6

Once again a typical design from the Mint... blah, blah, blah Just my opinion.


Level 6

Not a bad reverses. It does like Washington is holding a Coke bottles. One of the great ones with the old tall bottle and bottled in Mexico with the old recipe. Still it's much better than I would of expected from our tired mint. Thanks.


Level 5

It is busy, but I like it!


Level 6

I think that design is outstanding. I cannot wait to see it in my change.


Level 5

I like the new design! Are they going to mint it and the last ATB Quarter in the same year? And it looks like they renewed the old cameo! If they did that would be great!


Level 5

Reverse looks good to me. So many different designs have come out its amazing. Quarters,nickels,dollars ! Crossing the Deleware looks nice. Thanks for the information.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing! I have yet to have heard of this. First off, I love the reverse. I love all the detail, and how it looks appetizingly busy, but not quite cluttered. The obverse.... eh. I am glad they aren't keeping the current portrait of Washington, because to me, it looks somewhat...flat? I dont know how to say this haha. But I would much rather see some old design like the standing liberty be depicted. There was something about that era of coinage that just inspired strength, and right now, America needs all the strength it can get. Cheers, NM


Level 5

I like the overall look of the coin, but there is a lot of small details all packed into the reverse. I am excited to see it when it comes into circulation! Thanks for the update

I. R. Bama

Level 5

The design isn't my cup of tea. I'd rather see a new series of state seals. I can't imagine a better reverse on Kennedy half's than the presidential seal. I think it's the best reverse design out currently. I'd just as soon get rid of F.D.R. altogether. He was about as bad as Wilson, lol


Level 7

Thanks for the information . The America the Beautiful set ends in 2021. It will celebrate the brave men of the Tuskegee pilots that served in WW 11. ... . Thanks for the information on the other quarter. I will be waiting for it.. I like the reverse allot!!


Level 5

I like it. As a native Delawarean, I enjoy seeing Delaware on anything. Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with my native state but I'll still take it.

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