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17 Jun 2020

Out of the vault from July 1967: The ANA Translation Service

| Well worn Copper

It's always surprising what you find leafing through old issues of magazines. Not too long ago I purchased a complete year of 1967 Coins magazines. The July issue contained a small article buried in the "World Numisnews" section announcing a translation service from the ANA. Designed for collectors who often received international correspondence in a foreign language, it probably also came in handy for anyone seeking out the translation of foreign coinage. Stated rates were by the page (about 250 words) and cost between $1 to $4 depending on general translation or technical translation. Languages offered were Spanish, French, and German. Whatever became of this obsolete service is not known, but it seems to have not been successful and quietly disappeared. It probably filled a need back in the day before the internet, when on-line translation dictionaries were light years away and beyond the reach of most collectors. Also new were several nationally based coin clubs that are now long gone. These included "The American Coin Club" based in Brooklyn ,NY, which offered a monthly newspaper and dealer discounts. In reality this "club" was just a front for a large wholesale dealership selling common coins to collectors at "club discounts". Membership was $15 compared to an ANA membership of $11.50. Another national club was the "United Sates Numismatic Association" which also offered a monthly journal and dealer discounts on new and old US and world coins. Membership was also $15 and included a "educational course" written by none other than "the Famous Walter Breen" (It seems Breen always had his hands in something). Both of these organizations are long gone, but in 1967 coin collecting was in it's heyday, so anything went. Looking back at them, it's no surprise the ANA is still around and better than ever. By the way, an issue of Coins magazine in 1967 was only 50 cents.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

This is pretty cool, I like looking at old magazines.... No wonder the translation service went under at those prices back in that day.


Level 6

Nice blog. All I ever see at old book store and garage sales are old Red Books. I know some people collect them but after buying one, I'm done. Thanks..


Level 5

Like looking through the old magazines offered at Antique stores. Sometimes I see coin magazines, but never buy any. Maybe I should pick on up for a good price and read through it. I don't subscribe right now to a magazine but should get something.


Level 6

Breen apparently always had his hands on children as well. A thoroughly disgusting human being and apparently one to fabricate a lot of his discoveries and insights. I often wish his name was banished from our hobby forever.


Level 6

That is the first thing I thought of when I read that. My toes curled. I believe he did die in prison. Just my opinion. I could be wrong.


Level 5

Enjoyed the blast from the past. I can still remember buying my first "COINS" magazine in the 60's


Level 7

They can be fun to read. Including the adds. I cry when I see the prices of coins back them. When I think of what I bought when I started the prices I think what a buy. And it was good prices. Look at those coins today. It's a small ransom they want. We go with the time. Thanks interesting. I would of loved to see some prices in those books.

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